Thursday, April 13, 2017

VISHU- the paradise of Keralites

Vishu an important festival of Kerala conveys the Message of Auspeciousness and Prosperity.One exclusive item needed for making this festival significant is a flower called Konna flower the scientific name of which is Laburnum.Dark yellow in color adds to greatness of this blooming flower as a divine. Part of the Vishukani.(Picture above refers) Once Vishu was the New year Festival of Kerala before the Kollavarsham calendar began.In the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu also Vishu is being celebrated as the New year day.Kalivarsham and Saka Varsha also begin with Medam Vishu (Firstbday of the vernacular month Medam).According to the Mathematical science also Vishu is considered as New year day.on the Vishu day which has geographical and astrological relevance, The Sun is believed to have come above the line of Equator.There are two phases in a year called Dakshinayanam & Uttarayanam. While in the former the sun is on the southern side in the later on the Northern side It is believed that Lord Sreekrishna killed Narakasura on the Vishu day.There is another mythological belief that Demon King Ravana never allowed Sun to rise on the east.The sun began rising on East from the day the demon king Ravana was killed. The stories might differ.But there is a reality that on the first day of the Malayalam month Medam the Vishu is celebrated with auspicious Vishukani.In this regard there is a belief that that the first auspicious object one sees in the morning determine the prosperity in store for the year ahead.Hence a set of Auspecous objects are arranged in what is called a Vessel "Ursuli"made of Bronze. The Vishukani consists of auspicious objects such as Rice grains,Fruits,Konna Flowers are placed in a bell metal vessel in front of the Image of Lord Sreekrishna .the eldest lady of the family on the previous night arranges these and light a Nilavilakku( a traditional lamp of Kerala) the next day early morning and invites everyone in the family one by one to witness the Kani.Again traditionally the lady brings everyone with his/her eyes closed to open in front of the auspicious objects including the image of Lord soon as the Kani is over,the eldest male of the family gives everyone coins as "Vishukaineetam". After this the children in the family lights the crackers and other explosive items not dangerous to the children. In different places the Vishu is celebrated differently with entertainment programmes like Vishuvili,Vishukani etc. Everywhere on the day of Vishu invariably there would be a grand feast consisting of enormous vegetarian preparations. In the prominent Temples like Guruvayur and Sabarimala the Vishukani is arranged by the Temples also. Although Vishu is celebrated as the Astrological new year of Kerala ,the official new year of Kerala is in August - September called ONAM the harvest season of Kerala. SreedharanMundanat 13th April 2017 15-55 hrs( IST)


  1. Cutting across the castes, creeds religions, languages, borders of the countries the history of mankind is filled (at none too infrequent intervals) with festivals celebrated in different forms and following different customs and formalities. Now we are at the turn of our dear Vishu representing our physical prosperity and and the big universe of love we cherish for every member in our family and then in the society at large.

    Your blog gives us a glimpse of the golden vishu with a beautiful narration of its very nature.
    Thank you for igniting in us the memories of the good old days when our hearts got filled with joy unlimited along with the glitters of the silver coins in our hands and the sadya which we all ate filling up-to till our mouth and tongue.

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