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Aarattupuzha Temple -More pictures in continuation

The Ezhunnallipu of Sastha,Kootti ExZhunnallippu ,and Arattu Manthram at Kadavu are worth a Darshan without which a Darshan does not appear to be complete in Arattupuzha Temple


ARATTUPUZHA tEMPLE is a very famous Temple located near Pudukkad in Thrissur District and is the home for Aarattupuzha Pooram Festival.Here stagesSpectacular scores of Caprisoned Elephants lined up in a row to thevaccompaniment of ethnicpercussion concerts. This village is located on the banks of Karuvannur River.Legend says that aarattupuzha was the meeting place until flood washed the area and forced some of the participants to mmeet 14 kilometer nort of the village.On the sixth day of the 7 day festival at the Arattupuzha Temple 61 gaily caprisoned Elephants gather in the Temple grounds accompanied by the Temple music of Panchavadyam,Nadaswaram,Pancharimelam andPandimelam. The rituals of the festival starts with Lord Sastha arriving in the Temple to welcome the Gods and Godesses arriving to attend the Devamela or the divine gathering of Gods.Thousands of spectstors who havev gathered on the premises do witness a grand pageantry featuring 15 caprisonedElephants.Adding to the festive mood is Panchari melam,the traditional percussion music of a group of 250 artists .Usually during the last many years the Panchari melam is led by maestro Peruvanam Kuttan Marar.The Pacharimelam is invariably followed by a glittering spectacular display of fireworks. the 23 Gods and Godesses take part in the Pooram of Arattupuzha are prominent Godsand Goddesses are Arattupuzha Sastha,Thriprayar Tevar,Urakam Ammathiruvadi,,Chathakulam Sastha,,Cherpu Bhagavathy,Thottipal Bhagavathy,,Aykkunnu Bhagavathy,,Poonilakkavu Bhagavathy,,Kaduppasseri Bhagavathy,,Pisharikkal Bhagavathy,,Edakkunni Bhagavathy,,Chalakkudi Pisharikkal Bhagavathy,,Thaikkusseri bhagavathy,,Anthikkadu Bhagavathy,,Choorakkode Bhagavathy,,Chamkulam Sastha,,ChittichathakudamSastha,,Mattil Sastha,,Kodannur Sastha,,Nettisseri Sastha,,Kalleri Sastha,,Medakkulam Sastha,,and Namkulam Sastha. Thus it may be seen that it is a divine meeting of leading and Powerfulm Gods and Goddesses the witnessing of which imparts immense Blessings and pleasure of honouring the darshan of them in a sigle place. Ghee offerings by the Devottes,Shrudhi Samarppanam,Kodiyettam,Thiruvathira Purappad ,and many more are the related events in the Arattupuzha Pooram. Pictures:
Ghee offering is an important event in the Arattupuzha Temple ,the pictures of which are above. Illam Nira is another ritual in Arattupuzha Temple relating to Harvest.
Thevarude zhunnallippu,Kootti Ezhunnallippu and Arattu manthram at Kadavu are glittering views and rituala worth a darshan at the Aarattupuzha Temple. Dharmasasthave Saranam! Sreedharan Mundanat, 14th of December 2017 Thrissur 680 004

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Thchikkottukavu Bhagavathi Temple and Mahadeva Temple,Peramsngslsm

Mahadeva Temple near to Bhagavathy Temple:
Vela Images:
The Techikkottukavu Bhagavathy /Bhadrakali Temple is situated at Peramangalam 10 Km away from Thrissur Town on the Highway to Guruvayur and Kozhikode.The nearby land mark is the Durgavilasam Higher secondary School and the newly inaugurated Devaswam College. A brief history of the Temple can be narrated as under: Perathrikkavu,Thechikkottukavu,Poothirikkavu Devaswam control the three Temples in Peramasngalam and is well maintained in all respects in regard to conduct of Poojas,Utsavams and all matters relating to a temple according to Hindu customs. Perathrikkavu is supposed to be 1400 years old.Lord Rama as he returned after killing Ravana is consecrated here.The place where this Temple is situated used to be called Veeramangalam which later on became Peramangalam.The main festival is celebratedIn the malayalam month of Vrishchikam(Scorpio)Karkidakam(cancer) month is celebrated as Ramayan month as is being done everywhere.This month is special for this Temple where Annadanam is performed daily.More than 1000 people at least take part in this event daily on an average. Thechikkottukavu Temple is one of the most famous Temples in Kerala.Goddess Parasakthi is present here in the forms of Durga and Kali.Before Goddess Kali set off to destroy the Demon Darikan,Goddess Durga is stated to have advised a famous Manthram in her right ear.The idol is self originated(Swayambhoo)The place where the Temple is exixting now happened to be a Forest of Kanjiram trees(Whch bears fruit with extreme bitter taste "Kaippu").One woman is believed to have come to cut grass from the place.She sharpened her sickle(Arival) on a stone and to her dismay the stone started bleeding.The woman got frightened on seeing blood and ran away from the place after covering the bleeding stone with her basket.On hearing this news people initiated Astrological consultation when it was revealed that the stone carried the Power of Durga and a nearby stone the power of Bhadrakali.Both the Goddesses Durga and Kali were installed there and a Temple built and this T%emple later on known as the present Thechkkottukavu Bhagavathy Temple.There after the rituals followed here was fo Goddess Durga and the celebrations for Goddess Kali. Since thenon the first tuesday of every Malayalam month "Karyasadya Pooja"is conducted for Goddess Durga and every first friday "AiswaryaPooja" forGoddess Bhadrakali.The most important celebration for Goddess Durga is on star Karthika in the month of Vrishikam.The pooram and Vela celebrated in the month of Makaram and is dedicated to Goddess Bhadrakali. Here in Thechikkottu kavu Temple the Pooram conducted is known as Aanapooram which indicates the importance of Elephants in the Pooram.Elephants are converted into Caprisoned Elephants with the presence of Golde colored Ornaments,Nettipattam,Aalavattam and Venchamaram. on the Elephant in the middle is the one lucky elephant who carries the Thidambu. for more than 30 years this lucky elephant happened to be Techikkottu Ramachandran who is very famous for his peculia features for a first class elephant.His "Thalyeduppu" when selected to carry the Thidasmbu is astonishingly awsome.He is one of the most beautiful elephants in Kerala. in fact it is the previlege of Thechikkottu Ramachandran to open the Gopuram of Vadakkumnathan Temple to mark the beginning of world famous Thrissur Pooram.The Ezhunnallippu on the Pooram day is accompanied by Panchavaadyam an event which makes hearing it a divine pleasure.The Pachavaadyam is followed by the Chendamelam of the best group available.This also is a feast for the Melam lovers.There are expert men on the back of the elephants standing to show Aalavattom and Venchamaram to add to the beauty of the procession.The melam takes a pradakshinam inside the Temple with Thechikkottu Ramachandran with Thidambu and on completion Ramachandran lowers himself to enable the Thirumeni to come down and take the idol inside the Temple PARA in the Temple is an important offering in Thechikkottu Kavu Temple.Any time one can offer Para to the Temple.PARA is a measure of grain in a wooden vessel equivalent to 10 Edangazhi grains. Any one can offer Para in the name of anyone else or for himself. When the yearly Pooram approaches More people come to theTemple to offer Para.One need not bring grains to offer Para.The Templw will offer grains the cos of which the devotee can pay for that There is a processof the Para in which the Temple employees come to houses to accept para.a schedule is prepared in advance with reference to the people who are willing to offer Para.According to the list days before the Pooram Para procession from Temple visit houses.some house owners offer food for the Para procession from the Temple.For this also a list is prepared in advance and distributed among the residents of the area.These method of Para is doing a favour for residents to keep up communal harmony in tact.The entire village is in perfect unity in matters relating to the Temple The Mahadeva Temple near Thechikkottu Kavu Temple: In this Temple all Poojas relating to any siva Temple is performed regularly . Shivaratri is the most important festival in Mahadeva Temple.Devotees visiting the Thechikkottu kavu Temple invariaby visit Mahadeva Temple also to get the Blessings of Lord Shiva. In both the Temples there is dress code.No one can visit wearing Pant,Shirt or Lungi at the Temple.However ,this condition is relaxed only on the Pooram day. SreedharanMundanat 12th December 2017 Thrissur 680 oo4

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Thriprayar Sree Ramaswamy Tmple

The devotees of Shreekrishna Temple at Guruvayur who assemple in millions on the Ekadsi day at Guruvayoor generally await the Thriprayar Ekadasi which falls shotly after the Guruvayoor,event.This is mostly true with the vast devotees belonging to the southern states of India. This year the Thriprayar Ekadasi falls on the 13th of December 2017. Thriprayar Sri Ramaswamy Temple is situated on the west bank of Teevra River,on the Chettuva area between Guruvayur and Kodungallor.It is easier to reach Thriprayar from Guruvayoor by road.The name of Thriprayar is known to have derived from the name of the river Teevra.The idol in the Temple is that of four armed Vishnu.The legend about the idol is that of Rama who after just eliminating Kharasura assumed all the powers of Trimurthys manifested in Him.It is believed that the Conch and Chakra on the idol denote Vishnu,the bow Shiva and the garland Brahma. In the Sanctum Sanctorum,installed facing the south is Dakhninamoorthy.Outside the main Temple are the idols of Lord Ganesha,Dharmasastha,&Goshalakrishna installed. Devotees believe that the Darshan of Rama should believe only afterpaying respects to Hanuman,who is supposed to be present at the Mandapa in the front.It is also believed Chathan Swamy is also present at the Temple at the service of Rama.The Poojas and Sheevelis are held daily at the Temple.Thriprayar is one of the few Vaishnava Temples where fireworks is allowed as an offering to the God.In fact these these barrel crackers is one of the main offerings here. The offerings reminds of the time whenHanuman ,who had gone in search of Sita comes back and shouts to Rama about how he had located Sita,his voice reverberated across the three worlds. Another legend is that during Tipu invasion the crackers were thrown tob the river but they exploded in the waters. Another important offering is the feeding fishes here. The fish was the first Avtar of Vishnu and so fish in the river is fed in memory of that. It is believed that the Lord takes the form of fish to accept this offering. The main festival at the Temple is Ekadasi in the month of Vrishikam(scorpio) and pooram during the month of Meenam(Pices)ThriprayarEkadasi falls in the dark half of Vrishkam.The myth behind this festival is thatis that before slaying Ravana, Rama had undergone Penance during this is als one of the very few Temples where festival is held without the ceremony of Flag-Hoisting. Sreedharan Mundanat 11th December 2017. Thrissur 680 004

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Ettumanoor,Vaikkom and Kaduthuruthy Mahadeva Temples

Ettumanur Mahadeva Temple:
Vaikkom Mahadeva Temple:
Kaduthuruthy Temple:
Vaikkom Temple(contd) Latest pictures
Ettumanur Shiva Temple: The Ettumanur Mahadeva Temple & is on the on the railroad from Ernakulam -Thiruvananthapuram south of Kottayam town.This Temple has many resemblances to Thrissur Vadakkumnathan Temple. The legend says Khara(one of the Khara Dhooshana Demo Duo) of Ramayana worshipped Shiva at Chidambaram and obtained from him three Shivalingams and began his journey holding one each in his hands and the third one in his mouth.He stopped at Vaikkom and kept the shivalingam on the ground and to his dismay found that the shivalingam got rooted to the ground.>Kharan,thereforeinstalled the other two Shivalingams at Ettumanur and Kaduthuruthi. So it is believed visiting the three shrines at Vaikkom,Ettumanur and Kadathuruthy is significant and earns more Punya and Blessings from Lord shiva and Devi Parvathy. The legend says that Kharan also installed an image of Krishna on the north western corner of the Ettumanur Temple. There are several other legends also associated with Ettumanur Temple.Legend has it thatShiva created a deer and set it to play in an island.When Parasurama (aso an incarnation of Vishnu) reclaimed land from sea,this island also became a part of what is called Kerala today. The isle of deer is referred to as Hannadweepa.The malayalam word for deer is "Maan" and hence the place came to be known as Manoor The Manoor later on known as Ettumanoor. The Ettumanoor Temple is a west facing Temple.Has a circular Sanctum covered with a conical copperplated roof crowned with a Kalsam.The Mukhamandapam in front of the Temple bears two images of Nandi one of stone and the other metal. ALTHOUGH THERE IS NO SEPARATE SHRINE FOR pARVATHI THE REAR OF THE SANCTUM IS REVERED AS pARVATHY SHRINE. A rectangular circumambulatory passage surrounds the Sanctum.The sanctum bears wood carvings of superior workmanship portraying legends Ramayanam and Bhagavathapuranam Besides,workmanship of of the murals on the western entrance to the Temple can be seen.The speciality is the Paintings of the DANCE OF SHIVA. Thereare also Shrines to Dharmasastha,Ganapathy,Dakshinamoorty,Bhagavathy&Yakshi in the Temple.In front of the Shrine,there is a Golden staff visible from a distance. At the entrnce to the Temple there is a metal Lamp.Devotees offer oil and soot to burn the lamp and collect burnt oil and ashes which are considered to have medical value. The Malayalam month of Kumbham(Februrary-March)is the festival season at EttumanurTemple. The 10 day festival startson the Thiruvathira day of the month of Kumbha. On the 8th and 10th day of the festivalthe seven and half elephants made of gold of 13kg would be brought out and held in public view(Ezhara ponnana)Several people assemble to view this procession whis=ch is a glittering view.This statues in gold of 7 elephants with an addition of a small elephant calle half elephant worth 13 KG of gold was donated to the Temple by Maharaja of Travancore.This Temple is one of the richest in Kerala.The devaswam is considered as the wealthiest until recently.However ,the present position of Temple wealth can not be mentiones as Shri Padmanabha swamy Temple of Thiruvananthapuram had many revealing of wealth consisting of Diamonds pearls Gold and many more in different rooms some of which are yet to be opened and counted. Supreme court of India is keeping an eye on it wuith a view to avoiding mismanagement of the enormous wealth avaiable there. Thulabharam as is in many Temples like Guruvayur which involves measuring the weight of individuals to offer equal weight of mateial according to the choice of devotee is being offered to the diety to receive His Blessings. Ettumanur there is a Raiway station .Certain trains stop there daily.In festival season additional stops are allowed.One can reach Ettyumanur comfortably by Road or rail.Kottayam ithe most convenientRaiway station where many trains stop.Ettumanur is not very far from Kottayam Vaikkom Mahadeva Temple: The biggest Festval of Vaikkom MhadevaTemple"VaikkomAshtami is today(10th 0f Dec2017) is today followed by Aarattu (11th Decembe} tomorrow .Some of the latest pictures of the great Temple are shown above. Vaikkom is situatedon the western side of Kottayam in,Kerala.Vaikkom shares border with Vembanattu Lake.The historcal importance of Vaikkom besides Mahadeva Temple isVaikkom atyagraha against untouchability,in which Mahatma gandhiPeriyar Ramaswamy had participated. Vaikkom is easily accessible from Ernakulam,Alappuzha and Kottayam.Vaikkom has plenth of backwaters and is a city of tourist attraction. Vaikkom is a Temple city where the famous Vaikkom Mahadeva Temple is situated(Incidentally today is the famous festival Vaikkath Ashtami followed by Aaratt tomorrow.) The place is famous for getting spices like Nutmeg,Black pepper,and Latex from the farmers here.The economy of vaikkom depends on the crops Coconut and Rice which are cultivated here. Fishing also contributes towards flourishing the economy of Vaikkom. However,the the religious importance of fvaikkom Mahadeva Temple is the major attraction of the place.Vaikkom is also known as Dakshina Kaasi is a sacred Pilgrimage Destination. The Temple is built in the Kerala style of Architecture.While the Garbhagriha is surmounted by a golden Stupa a staff that measures 19.5m dominates the surrounding landscapes.A few paintings is also seen on the exterior of the Garbhagriha.A 1m high Shivalinga(the phallic symbol representing Shiva the destroyer} is the main Diety of the Temple . Legends say that Kharan of Ramayana worshipped Shiva at Chuitambaramand obtained from him three Shivalingams and journied holding one shivalingam on each hand and one in his mouth.He sojourned at Vaikkom for a shortwhile and kept the shivalingam on the ground and to his dismay found it has got stuck to the ground rooted there.Kharan, therefore installed the other two Shivalingams at Ettumanur and Kaduthuruthy. Healso entrusted the Shivalingam at Vaikkom to the care of Vyagrapadar.Vaikkom therefore acquired the name of Vyagrapuri which ultimately became Vaikkom in short form. Vaikkathshtami has also a legend.A saint man Prayed Lord Shiva for yeaers together and finally Shiva along with Parvathy gave him darshan at Vaikkom on thecvday of Krishna ashtami.As memory Vaikkathashtmi is cebrated for 12c days and tge 12thb day is Vaukkathashtami. The Vaikkom Temple is unique with its splendid area of almost 8 acres andv thev boundaries are marked by four Gopurams as in the case of Vadakkumnathan Temple at Thrissur. KADU THURUTHY MAHADEVA TEMPLE: Kaduthuruthy is a small place between Vaikkom and Ettumanur .The Northern and Western borders are spread over the backwaters fromVembanattu Lake.As mentioned earlier one of thev three Shivalingams obtained by Kharasura was installe on a hill at Kaduthuruthy.The shivalinga of the Kaduthuruthy temple faces from west to east out of the the three sivalingam brought by MKharan one with 3n inches was installed at Kaduthuruthy Mahadeva Temple.Thec story of Karthaveerarjuneeyam has been carved and displayed here withb architectural elegance.300 years ago the Temple was consumed by fire but the Mandapam with its carvings were kept unhurt in tact.The Poojari had the idol kept to his chest and cried aloud .Butbthe chief priest died whilev the idol recovered was erected in the Temple,Besides lorrd ganesha,Dharmasastha,Goddess Durga have shrines here in this Temple, 10 days festival is conducted here also but not as famous as Vaikkom or Ettumanur Temples. Ohm!Nam:Sivaya! Sreedharan Mundanat 10th December 2017 at Thrissur 680 004

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Chengannur Mahadeva Temple

U The Mahadeva Temple at Chengannur Kerala,is one of the oldest Temples dedicated to Lord Shiva.Chengannur Mahadeva and Bhagavathi temple Is situated in Chengannuer of Alapuzha District.The Temple is sometimes called Chengannur Bhagavathy Temple also as the Temple is one of the 108 Sakthi peedhas Dedicated to Goddess shri Parvathi. The unique feature of the Temple is the festival is called Thriputhirattu which is the symbol of Fertility. Thevname Chengannur is formed from the word ThruchenKunrur& is one of the ancient Shrines related to Mahabharata. Chengannur is alonknown as thevgateway to the famous Shri Dharmasastha shrine at Sabarimala It is believed the ChengannurvTemple is situated in the Land under the possession of Nayanar Pillai of saiva community who was one of the 64 Nayanars of that time.Curran de Kutty an was the ruler Of the ancient Chera Regime.At that the language spoken at Chengannur was Tamil and this period was called Sangha Period. The Temple deities are Lord Shiva facing East and Goddess Parvathy facing west. The main shrine is conical in shape and copper plated.An alloy of five metals called Panchaloha is used for the idol of Goddess Parvathy. The Shiva Lingam is covered with a gold plate with the image of Ardhanareeswara(the Shiva-.Sakthi manifestation of Lord Shiva). Othervshrines in the Temple complex are dedicated ton Lord Ganesha,Dharmasastha(Lord Ayyappa),Chandikeswaran,,Neelagreevan,Ganga & Nagar.A shrine for Sreekrishna is alsoN located in the nearby area. There are a a few legends over the Temple located here.these legendscare extremely interesting to know. 1) it says that subsequent to Daksha's sacrifice,Lord Vishnu severed the body of Sati(Goddess Parvati)into pieces which scattered over different places..These places are called sakhti Peethas.Accordingly,Itbis believed that the reproductive organ of Goddess Sati's body fell at the place where the Temple is located. 2)According to yet another legend,Goddess Bhagavathi is believed to be Kannaki,a legendary Tamil woman of famous Shilapathikaram( one of the ancient epics of five Tamil Literature).it is said that Chenkunnu was the spot in Cheranadu(Ancient Tamil Dynasty) where she observed Penances under a tree after burning up the city of Madurai. The king Senkuttuvan of Chera Dynasty is said to have brought a stone from Himalayas carved her image & declared itsacred as Chenkamala valli. This legend is the same as Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple. One of the interesting festivals of Chengallur Temple is called Thriputharattu festival.This festival is celebrated only in Chengannur Temple alone which also make it a Unique Temple. This festival is strikingly and interestingly related to the Menstruation and is being celebrated here periodically.Once the sign is observed in the gesture( Udayada)of Goddess Parvati it is removed by the main priest( Melsanthi) every morning.He examines the Vesture and if he feels any sign of Thriputhu( Period)hands over the Vesture to Devaswam officials and then verified by the Abbess( Senior woman)Of the Monestery.Once the Abbess confirms it,Devi's shrine will be closed for three days and the worship offered to another image of the Goddess in another spot of the Temple. The idol of the Goddess Devi is taken to the nearby River on the fourth day and Aarattu ( Holy bath) is performed. This ceremony is known as Thriputharattu.Later on the Goddess Devi is taken back to the Temple on an Elephant. The idols of Lord Shiva and Lord Parvati are taken in processionaround the Temple three times and later on Lord Shiva enters the shrine through Eastern side and the Goddess Devi through the western side. Owing to this festival ,the Chengannur Mahadeva Temple is world famous.In fact,this is the only Temple in India where this kind of Amazing Phenomenon is prevailin.This makes this temple unique in every respect. It is understood that the British general Mr.Mekaley who was the Devaswam head had a DFarshan in this Temple and had certified the Unique nature of the Temple. He is understood to have appreciated the Unique feature of the Temple and enhanced grant for the Temple ten times more . His wife is understood to have offered in appreciation a Diamond ring for the Devi which it is said is being keptsafely by the Temple Authority. Thus, time and again confirms the belief that "There is no Shiva without Sakthi" Ohm!Nama:Sivaya. Amme!MahaMaye! Sreedharan Mundanat 9th December 2017 at Thrissur,Kerala

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Thirunelli Mahavishnu Temple ,Mananthavadi

The Brahmagiri Hills is in the Border of Kerala&Karnataka.Thirunelli MahaVishnu Temple is situated 30KM from Mananthavadi a vllage in Wayanad,Kerala&is awell known Pilgrimage Centre..Nearby this Holy Temple flows the Papanashini Stream.The proximity to the dense forests makes it one of the most favourite Pilgrim Centre for devotees as well as tourists. One will have to travel from Manantghawadi to Thirunelli by using the Mysore Road when arrive at Kattikulam in order to reach the tyny village of Thirunell.It is a pleasant journey one could ever have in a life because the travel passes through Elephant sanctuaries and Bamboo forests.The picturesque area is considered as a paradise for Trekkers also. Thirunelli has very small population of which major portion are Adivasis. History of Thirunelli is brief.It is, however said there was mention about the town in 12thb century books like is also said there are evidencess of copper plate inscriptions of Bhaskara Ravi Varmas period of 10th and 11 th centuries also. Thus it is to be assumed that this small town had pilgrimage presence for centuries. The Thirunelli Temple in the Brahmagiri Range is also sometimes known as Kasi of Soth.Often considered as Gaya of South also as rituials for depe=arted souls is being conducted here also.In Gaya it is said once a person performs Shradha in Gaya there is no need for him to perform for ife time.No such belief however appears to have in respect of Thirunelli. The legends say that it is believed tha the Temple was built by Brahmadevan.He was travelling round the earth on a Swan while he noticed the enchanting beauty of the Brahmagirin Hills.He decended onthe spot and found an idol of Vishnu under an Amla tree (Nelli Tree in MNalayalam on which Ghooseberry fruit is found) and installed the idol there itself.Lord Brahma named the Temple as Sahyamalaka Temple.Lord Vishnu as per the request of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu made the waters of the area as sacred and blessed it with the capability of Washing away sins.Thereafter the river was known as Papanasini which means the stream that washes away all sins. Yet another legend claims that the king of birds Garuda was flying over Thirunelli with Amrutkumbha( the potofAmrut ,the Nector of Life) when Lord Brahma was installing the Vishnu idol under the Nelltree.Garuda who is also the official vehicle of Vishnu seeng this took a round over the place when drops of Nector fell in the stream below attained the power purify sins.Either way the Papanasini has the power to purify sins. It is also believed Lord Brahma worships at the wee hours in the Temple every day and hence the head priest leaves a portion of Pooja materials at the Temple before closing the Temple at night. All the sayings and legends together if read with it can safely be assumed how the Temple got the name Thiru Nelli. Lord Parasurama the incarnation of Lord Vishnu is also believed to have visited Thirunelli to perform last rites of his dead father Sage Jamadagni.It is also said Lord Parasurama took a dip in Papanasini to atone for his sin of killing Kshatriyas The Mystic Nature of Thirunelli Temple is so overwhelming that it can not be postponed from a holy pilgrimsge to the place by all believers of God.This, however, does not mean the self proclimed Gods ad Goddesses of our Generation.I mean the believers of real God mentioned in Puranas ,Vedas Upanishds and so on.To highlight Lord Vishnu,Lord Mahadeva,lordBrahma,Lord Sreerama,Lord Ganesha,Lord Subrahmania,Lord Ayyappa and all Mahadevis are to be believed to protect people and cultivate systematic grouth of life among children not to get diverted from doing anything other than good deeds.The basic principles of fearing God is to establish fear in God among kids to develop good habits,manners and power to make them refraining from doing bad things like telling lies,stealing things, becoming lazy etc to boost their childhood to attain honours when they become grown ups. In other words,belief is that controls everything in our life.For ths there is no boundaries like Hindu ,Muslim,Christians,Jains,Sikhs or anything of the sort.Different religions can maintain different Gods of their choice and Worship.So long as these beliefs do not clash life is sweet and worth living. Further what is the bsic reason leading to building up belief in Children about God & making them Godfearing? Very simple. Parents wish to allow them to grow only with good thoughts in mind without indulging in any bad habits such as lying ,fighting with classmates ,playing mischieves and so on.So parents derive various good stories about theGods and Godesses of their religion.Generally Children have a tendency to hear stories told by parents especially while putting them to sleep.These good stories are likely to remain in their inner conscious. Thus God Belief and Godfearing are virtues we derive from our parents and allow them to continue for a long time to come. "Cheruppa kaalangalilulla seelam Marakkumo manushanulla kaalam Karaskkarathin Kuru Paalilittal Kaalanthare Kaippu samippathundo?" So God and God belief are incorporated in us from childhood especially from the stories told by Mother. Now coming back to Thirunelli Temple, the Temple is a fine place of Architectural Wonders.People assemble here mainly for performing rituals of offerring Pindams for their departed dead and to achieve the Punya emerging out of such performances.Many gather here from all parts of the world. The main festivals in the Temple are Puthari,Chuttuvilakku,Navaraathri,Shivaraathri, and ShreeKrishna Jayanthi. As compared to one of the greatest Temples devoted to Vishnu Guruvayur Temple,the additional attraction here is the rituals to the near and dear dead and the bath in the Papanasini. It is also a custom for pilgrims to visit another beautiful Mahadeva cave Temple in Thirunelli before they visit Vishnu Temple. This Siva Temple is in typical Kerala style Temple worth visiting.This Siva Temple is well known for Swayabhoo linga feature.This is a Temple with great spiritual ambiance. This Siva Temple is situted a little away from Thirunelli .This is a historical Temple with antique look.Not renovated recently and it adds to the antique nature &originality So all the best to everyone to visit Thirunelli and return with a load of Blessings and feeling of relief from sins if you have committed any. So in a nut shell,it is not necessarily a must to visit Thirunelli only for performing rituals of near and dear although people prefer doing it to normal Temple visits. There is absolutely no harm done if one prefers to visit Thirunelli Temple just out of devotion. Similarly there is no speciality that just sinners alone can bath in the Papanasini stream(River). Any devotee can take bath in Papanasini stream.For such people there is an added advantage for normal devotees that they can wash away sins committed by them unknowingly also. So all the best for an early visit to the Temple to gather tonnes of Blessings and good wishes from Mahavishnu besides an opportunity to have a darshan of the beautiful place full of Peace and Tranquility Sreedharan Mundanat 8th of December 2017 at Thrissur-680 004 ( Courtsey:Information from netv and hearsay)