Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Alana chantham &Rythm of Temple I Musical instruments.- THRISSUR POORAM

The most classical,cultural,professional,spectacular and most Amazing show of God's own country is known as THRISSUR POORAM. This year 2017 this unparalleled event falls on 5th of May2017.the arrival of people from all over the world and Keralites residing in other states and cities of India have already started.The trains from neighbouring states of Karnataka,Tamil Nadu,Telangana and AndhraPradesh are understood to be running overcrowded.This is a clear indication of the enthusiasm people have maintained to witness the divine event. It is understood that the Government has accorded permission for Fire works though on a low profile of controlled manner for which professionals are camping in the City of Thrissur.There is no restriction on the number of Elephants taking part with total caprisoned beauty. The most popular attraction for the Pooram for different categories of people are based basically on Caprisoned Elephants,the Melams & Panchavadyams in which Temple musical instruments like Chanda,Maddalam,Kombu ,Kuzhal,Elathalam,Udukku And Edakka are being used by professionals besides the most spectacular event known as Kuda mattam.However a large number of people arrive before the Fireworks which starts on the early morning(3-00AM) of the next day of Pooram ,this year it being on 6th May 2017and last for minimum of 3 hours. However the main attraction is the parade of Elephants.The Paramekkavu and Thiruvambadi Temples are the two main Temples which give respect and show devotion to the Main Diety of Thrissur the Great Vadakkumnathan.Nowhere in the world one could see such a Temple with huge sorrounding area of maidan in a circular shape.This unique place is known as Swaraj Round and traditionally Thekkinkadu Maidan.Traditionally 30 highly disciplined Elephants are being used in the Pooram .15 Elephants each for Thiruvambadi and Paramekkavu Temples.Apart from this ,there are smaller Poorams from selected villages of the suburbs of Thrissur to make the event more spectacular.Every village taking part show tremendous dedication and devotion to Lord Mahadeva popularly known as Vadakkumnathan. Some of the Professional Elephants who had taken part in olden days as well as the present are shown in the Photographs above. They are : 1)Paramekkavu Padmanabhan 2)Thiruvambadi shivsundar 3Thechikkottukavu Ramachandran. 4)Guruvayur Kesavan 5)Chengannur Renganathan chengannur Ranganathan and Guruvayur Kesavan have attained heavenly abode. They are mentioned here because they were the tallest Elephants respectively with height 11.65 & 11.5 feet Thechikkottukavu Ramachandran is 10.75 feet tall and is believed to be the tallest at present. The exhibition related to the Pooram which depicts all the basic ingredients of Pooram and many a stalls of different attraction . Let us discuss how the Pooram came into existence and the legend related to the great event. As all of us know the Thrissur Pooram is a spectacle that has amazed and delighted people for the last few centuries. It is believed that Sakthan Thampuran was behind the the start of the Thrissur Pooram in the present spectacular form.
The Thrissur Pooram in it's present glory and delight is being celebrated since 1789 as a result of a decision taken by Sakthan Thampuran.So the Thrissur Pooram in the present form and profile is being celebrated for the last 320 years.The Pooram of this year is the 318th Pooram .There is a story or let us a Legend behind Thrissur Pooram.: Several Templesfrom all across Kerala participated in the festival procession that took place in Aratuupuzha about 10 kM from Thrissur.But on a rainy day some of the Temples could not make it for the procession as their officials got held up by the torrential rains.As they arrived very late for the procession they were not allowed to enter Arattupuzha Temple.Highly emberassed by this denial,the Temples officials went to the Maharaja of Mysore RajaRaja Varma toblet him know their Grievances.The Maharaja who is known as Sakthan Thampuran for the people of Thrissur then unified 10 Villages and started a brand new Pooram at the Vadakkumnathan Temple at Thrissur which gradually rose to prominence becoming the most important Pooram of Kerala since the year 1798. So since 320 years the Pooram is being celebrated with it's full gaiety and glory to entertain lakes of people all over from the World.This year it is 321st Pooram on the 5th May 2017. Ten dieties from Temples in and around Thrissur visit Vadakkumnathan Temple to pay respects to Lord Vadakkumnathan. Tye celebrations Start with ceremonial flag hoisting called KODIYETTAM by the participating Temples seven days prior to the main pooram , On the main day of Pooram (this year 5 th of may 2017),15 Elephants carrying the idol of Krishna march from Thiruvambadi Sreekrishna Temple and another group of 15 Elephants from Paramekkavu Bhagavathi Temple carrying the idol of Bhagavathi march to the Vadakkumnathan Temple to pay respects to the Lord Mahadeva These 30 caprisoned Elephants stand to face to face in two rows at the venue of Festival popularly called Thekkinkadu Maidanam accompanied by Nadaswaram and Chendamelams.The entire venue comes alive with rythm of various Temple Musical Instruments and about 80 drums playing in competitive spirit. In the evening of Pooram day people standing on top of the Elephants display and interchange the colorful umbrellas amidst perfect rythm of Glorious Temple musical instruments. Many people consider this event of lovingly and respectfullyexchanging umbrellas called KUDAMATTAM as the most spectacular part part of the Pooram while some more enthusiastic crowd of youngsters and children adore the Fire works at 3-00AM on the morning of next day. After the colorful event of KUDAMATTAM the idols of Lord Krishna and Goddess Bhagavathi are taken back to the Temple along with the Elephants. {Courtesy: Internet articles,pictures and knowledge gathered from veterans of Thrissur} SreedharanMundanat 4th of May 2017 04-35 Hrs(IST)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

VISHU- the paradise of Keralites

Vishu an important festival of Kerala conveys the Message of Auspeciousness and Prosperity.One exclusive item needed for making this festival significant is a flower called Konna flower the scientific name of which is Laburnum.Dark yellow in color adds to greatness of this blooming flower as a divine. Part of the Vishukani.(Picture above refers) Once Vishu was the New year Festival of Kerala before the Kollavarsham calendar began.In the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu also Vishu is being celebrated as the New year day.Kalivarsham and Saka Varsha also begin with Medam Vishu (Firstbday of the vernacular month Medam).According to the Mathematical science also Vishu is considered as New year day.on the Vishu day which has geographical and astrological relevance, The Sun is believed to have come above the line of Equator.There are two phases in a year called Dakshinayanam & Uttarayanam. While in the former the sun is on the southern side in the later on the Northern side It is believed that Lord Sreekrishna killed Narakasura on the Vishu day.There is another mythological belief that Demon King Ravana never allowed Sun to rise on the east.The sun began rising on East from the day the demon king Ravana was killed. The stories might differ.But there is a reality that on the first day of the Malayalam month Medam the Vishu is celebrated with auspicious Vishukani.In this regard there is a belief that that the first auspicious object one sees in the morning determine the prosperity in store for the year ahead.Hence a set of Auspecous objects are arranged in what is called a Vessel "Ursuli"made of Bronze. The Vishukani consists of auspicious objects such as Rice grains,Fruits,Konna Flowers are placed in a bell metal vessel in front of the Image of Lord Sreekrishna .the eldest lady of the family on the previous night arranges these and light a Nilavilakku( a traditional lamp of Kerala) the next day early morning and invites everyone in the family one by one to witness the Kani.Again traditionally the lady brings everyone with his/her eyes closed to open in front of the auspicious objects including the image of Lord soon as the Kani is over,the eldest male of the family gives everyone coins as "Vishukaineetam". After this the children in the family lights the crackers and other explosive items not dangerous to the children. In different places the Vishu is celebrated differently with entertainment programmes like Vishuvili,Vishukani etc. Everywhere on the day of Vishu invariably there would be a grand feast consisting of enormous vegetarian preparations. In the prominent Temples like Guruvayur and Sabarimala the Vishukani is arranged by the Temples also. Although Vishu is celebrated as the Astrological new year of Kerala ,the official new year of Kerala is in August - September called ONAM the harvest season of Kerala. SreedharanMundanat 13th April 2017 15-55 hrs( IST)

Friday, April 7, 2017

IPL HANGAMA 10 th Edition 2017

The enthusiastic cricket fans were anxiously awaiting the arrival of their favourite HANGAMA of IPL 2017. Finally their expectation turned into reality on the night of 5th April 2017.The very first match between the winners of last year The Sunrisers of Hyderabad & Royal Challengers was a thriller in which Sunrisers batting first scored over 200 runs usually considered as a land mark.Their hero was none other than Yuvaraj Singh the highest paid player of last year.Once again we got an opportunity to watch the old self of Yuvaraj Singh who used to score sixes at his will and pleasure. he scored a match winning score of 65 from 23 balls studded with sixes and fours.Eventually they won the thriller. Royal Challengers Bangalore was without de Villiers and Virat Kohli.Chris Gail with his super hits gave a good beginning for the Bangalore innings but could not continue for long to reach the formidable target fixed by the Sunrisers. The second match on 6th Night between Mumbai Indians and Rising Super Giants Pune.This match was also a thriller .Stevens Smith the captain of Pune won the toss but selected to take the field first.Although they started slowly towards the end in the last couple of overs HHPande score 35 runs from 15 balls with 4 hits over the fence and one a four. This enabled them to post a reasonably good score of 184 on the board. In reply Pune Giants began their innings fairy well.Rehane did a good job seemingly the role of acting Captain has taught him a few good lessons as a bats man.He kept the run rate under control.After he lost his wicket Ben Stokes the highest paid player of this season began well but lost rhythm and got out.This was a big blow for Pune.However Steve Smith kept his cool and went on scoring .Then Dhoni joined Smith .Although Dhoni could not contribute much to the score as expected ,he kept his wicket in tact until Smith in the final over dispatched the ball twice over the fence to win at 187/4 with a ball to spare. It was a spectacular show from Smith from the beginning to the end. Now let us evaluate the prospects of other teams. all the other teams,Gujrat Lions,Kolkatta Night Riders,Delhi Dare Devis and Punjab Kings eleven are strong in one way or is in fact very difficult to predict who is going to win the Trophy this year. However,the Rising Super Giants ,Pune seems to have an ideal combination of batsmen & Bowlers. If Dhoni also assumes his recent form ,it looks the Pune Giants are really the favourites to lift the trophy SreedharanMundanat 7th -April 2017 17-20 hrs ( IST)

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Guruvayur Temple

Guruvayur Temple and Thirupathy Temple are the two most visited Temples in South India by Devotees,They are the rich Temples also in India.

There are many stories about the Guruvayur Temple..Guruvayur Temple is more popularly known among Devotees as "World Vaikunddham"

One special feature about this Temple is the punctuality and orderly behaviour of various Poojas performed here.
It is believed that the system of Poojas established by Shri Sankaracharya 1200 Years back is still being followed here.Shri Sankaracharya is believed to be the Avatar of Lord Mahadeva( Shiva)

He with the Yogasiddhi he possessed had the power to travel by air also.Once he was travelling by air to Shringeri.When he arrived over Guruvayur Temple it was the exact time when the Shiveli procession was being held at the Temple.Everyone passing through or coming near Guruvayur at the time of Shiveli used to stop and pay respect to Guruvayurappan with folded hands invariably without fail.There are Shiveli thrice every day in the morning,evening and night
Perhaps ,being a Devotees of Shiva,Sankaracharya did not pay due respect to Guruvayurappan.This was considered by Guruvayurappan as impertinence on the part of Shri Sankaracharya.So Guruvayurappan temporarily removed the yoga siddhi from Shri Sankaracharya.No sooner did the Siddhi removed from him Sankaracharya fell down to the Earth.He fell in front of Guruvayurappan in the Northern Nada where the procession had reached.Sankaracharya at once realised his mistake and lying there itself wroteGovindashtakamand recited in front of Bhagavan begging for Pardon for his mistake.
As a compensation for this mistake Sankaracharya decided to perform Bhajan for a mandalam in the Guruvayur Temple.During this period of Bhajan Shri Sankaracharya revised the Pooja system by including Ekadasi in it suitably.Thereafter this revised system Is being followed in the Temple even today.
The spot where Sankaracharya fell is marked by making a hole over the shivelippura.At the same spot there is a statue of Sankaracharya.Even today when the Shiveli reaches Northern Nada ,the melam accompanied is stopped for a moment to remember Shri Sankaracharya.During Utsava season sri Guruvayurappan gives Darshan to Devotees at this spot.This spot is considered to be most ideal place to have Darshan of Bhagavan by is also believed to be highest boon to have Darshan of Bhagavan at Northern Nada where Sankaracharya fell.

Krishnanattam kali an offering to Bhagavan is also performed at the Eastern Nada..People perform Sashtanga namaskar at the Northern Nada.
listening to the divine stories of Bhagavan is an unending process.
                                    Ohm Namo Narayanaya Namaha!
                                       Sreedharan Mundanat &Geeta Sreedharan

Monday, January 30, 2017

New birds detected in Western Ghats - Waysnad

The image above and the new Vultures and other birds found in the Wayanad area are for real
Comtinous research is being conducted in Western Ghats to find  nee species and existing species but expecting their end.
As is obvious from the report in the  image uploaded above thre vultures shown therein are new species which had not been found earlier.
Thrte are many species new and those fscing threat to their end
Westrn Ghats is a gateway for conducting resesrch on Climate change to study the impact of rain and general nature of environment.
However thr reports from experts are being ignored for a fee commercial gain by unscrupulous diggers of the mountains searching for rich soil
The Government is issing warning to ensure safety of Western Ghats
In fact this year thrre is scarcity of rain and Global Temperature is also in the process of rising which would lead to Draught.
Every year every place in an
Nd around Wedtern Ghats duffer from either draugjt or flood.
Because of THREAT TO THER NATURE EVEN Earthquakes are taking place.
The topic of environment is being ignore by every agenvcies who are supposed to safegusd the Gjsts.
THR ATTENTION OF state and Central Government should turn inyo tjis mayter urgently taking into account the value for the life of Humanity
    Sreedharan Mundanat
     TUESDAY THE 31st of Jan30 2017
       At Kochi

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru - The architect of Modern India.

Today the 27th of May is the Death Anniversary of the great former Prime Minister late Shri Jawaharlal Nehru ,the architect and mentor of Modern India.Shri Jawaharlal Nehru was born on 14th November 1889 in Allahabad. Shri Nehru had his basic education in India under private tutors and left for England at the age of 15 years .Later on joined Cambridge and took Honours degree in Naturan Sciences.He however, perhaps as result of a inner call joined the Bar -at - law to become a distinguished lawyer. In 1912 he joined Bakipore Congress as a dégagé and later on became the secretary of then Home Rule League( the present Congress) In 1919. Met Mahatma Gandhi in 1919 .Impressed by the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi he dedicated his life for politics and National Congress. he became Secretatpry of National Congress in 1923. Thereafter he struggle with Mahatma Gandhi and other leaders to achieve Independence for India from Britishers. although suffered a lot for the struggle he left no stone unturned until the freedom of India which the people of India enjoys today.The history of his becoming PM of India and later on his daughter Indira Gandhi uplifted the nation and his Grandson Rajiv Gandhi changing India to digital India are all well known to everyone even school students of today. The present India we enjoyed a product of the efforts of former Prime Ministers .More prominently,Jawaharlal Nehru,Indira Gandhi,RajivGandhi,NarasimhaRao and Manmohan Singh .Manmohan Singh alone is alive today .He is the bizarre of Economics a very learned and soft spoken Gentleman. So today let us all once again pray for the soul of Jawaharlal Nehru to rest in eternal peace. SreedharanMundanat 27 th of May 2016 7-50 AM(IST)