Thursday, February 22, 2018

Roger Federer ,the Greatest master of the time.

Roger Federer is the Greatest Lawn Tennis player of the time . The Rotter Dam open venue was the stage set for him to achieve the greatest honour of the time after beating Robin Hase. He went one step ahead to enter the final and finally had beaten Demitrov for the 97th title.A tremdoos achievement for a 36 year old veteran.Now he has only Jimmi conours of USA in terms of number of tiled in a carrier.that is Conor had 109 But what really conquered ny heart was the Australian Open title .When he was holding the winner's cup in his hand he could not control his emotions and wept constantly for a few minutes.
Roger Federer has the reputation of being Cool in the court. Until Australian Open 2017 Rafel Nadal was the world number One & the biggest challenge for Federer. At Melbourne Park,however,the the great friend outside court in spite of a epic fight of 5 setters, Nadal had to Surrender to Federer after fluctuating fortunes of the tuff fight in a humble manner. Thereafter there had been no serious rivals for Federer as Andy Murray and Djockovick were on a declining trend and Rafel Nadal had to withdraw from Rotterdam due to injury to his leg which rendered him unable run from corner to corner in the court fast for which he had a reputation of his own.The victory in Quarter final to enter Semi final itself and beating Hase enabled him to regain the coveted number one rank once again at the age of 36 a record he erased which belonged to the aged Andre Agassi of Les Vegas. The win at the Final of the Rotterdam of 2018 earned him the 97th Grand slam.Now again Ony Jimmi Connors of USA is ahead of him With 109 gran slam titles.Now Federer says his immediate aim is to complete 100 Grandslams which is within his reach in the near future.The style of the game a monopoly of Federer helps him to make his opponents shy in the court.The coolness he is maintaing again a special asset for him not to show over enthusiasm is yet another factor and his extraordinary patience adds to it. Now Federer is the King of Grand slams.He is so humble in nature that he would not underestimate his close friend Rafel Nadal. Now it would be a great pleasure for Lawn Tennis Fans to welcome Federer back to court as Number one and carry on his classical Dwells to earn more and more titles ,the immediate aim being 100 titles.If only Rafel Nadal joiMe him to make every match more interesting. Long live Federer.Every good wishes for him. Sreedharan Mundanat 23rd February,2018

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bamboo a tree or plant?Bamboo indeed queen of Forest!

Recently an Ordnance has been issued by Government by declaring Bamboo is not a tree. Bamboo is seen growing in villages of Kerala also besides Forests.Generally Bamboo is growing in a group as a bush of msnty Bamboo trees. It is said Bamboo is a strong tree used for multipurpose. It is mainly used by the Garbathi Industries.Bamboo is being imported and is growing as a profitable business in India. The picture depicted is a particular type of Bamboo grown in villages of Kerala. Bamboo grows in villages through the pollination process. The Flute of Sreekrishna seen in pictures are made of young Bamboo.Similarly it can be used for many toys and for making strong mats. it is said that while in World war ,Hiroshima was bombed the only tree survived was Bamboo. So this is a very strong evidence for the strength of Bamboo. So derecogizing it as a tree and re├žognizing as a plant or Grass seems not well justified. The need for reconsideration of the Bammoo as tree vis a vis considering it as a agricultural product would appear to be not fully justified. Here is a picture of Bamboo being grown itself in a village of Kerala is depicted below:
In view of its Multipurpose use as a tree derecogizing it as tree and obviously considering it as a plant or Grass would appear to be needing reconsideration as hitherto being a profitable business might lack it's status. Tholis might also lead to felling Bamboo by poachers and others as it is no longer under control of forest department and can not prevent it's felling. The agriculture envisaged is likely to take a lot of time Sreedharan Mundanat 22,nd of February 2018

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Bamboo Tree- The queen of Forests

For more than 90 years Bamboo was recognised as a tree grown in forests .Recentlyby means of an ordnance from President of India this has been trmoved from the status of tree and considered as plant growing out side foret also so that it can be cultivated by farmers in places which are not forests.Thus the restriction to fell it hitherto by people was removed so as to enable anyone selling it legal. Thus it can be cultivated easily by farmers and make India more popular with Bamboo which is of high demand to use as even building material,for making plywood,toys,furniture and many more uses in business.This was expected to reduce import and promote production in places other than Forest. But one adverse fact that poachers can freely fell them without being caught was not taken into account.Similarly the use of Bamboo is manyfold.The Adivasis near forest area was using Bamboo tree as aclivekyhood for then as the paddylikesubstance available with grown up up Bamboos was as good as food.It can be used like rice to make porridge and sweet kheer .Once p Iusedeople outside forest start telling it as trees without legalvrestriction it was likely to affect the food habits of Adivasis hitherto available to them as Paddy.Besides the young bamboo can be used to make music instrument called flute very popular with Music.Even GodvSrikrishnavwasvbelieved to have used it as a music instrument to letbGopikasvknown his presence felt.Besides this legendary aspect,Bamboo was the only tree which was not affected during World war when Japan was Bombed at Hiroshima.This proves how strong was Bamboo as compared to other trees.Bamboo is also found in even villages in Kerala where the are used for enormous purposes like making mats,toys etc freely. The main businessin India,perhaps,most prominent in India is for the making of Agarbathis.The business is very prominent in south in Bangalore the IT capital now. At present,for Agarbathi manufacture Bamboo is being imported from Chine in bulk by tonnes and tons.25 tons of Bamboo sticks at the cost between 17-20 lakhs if imported will cost Rs75/- per kg.whn sold in India approximately at Rs110/- per kgprofitvmade is enormous by private parties.It needs containers.25 tonnes of Agarbathi sticks need a 40 feet takes 20 to 25 Days to reach India from China.Thus one could make 8 to 10lakhs profit in just 40 days with an investment just 18-20 lakhs. Now by derecogizing it as trees and re├žognizing as grass or plants might spread a tendency to felling Bamboo trees in forests as it is not an offence any the appearance of Bamboos in Forests would turn into rare as poachers and fellers would start working overtime as it is no more an offence. And planting and growing as envisaged while derecogizing would take time to complete the process .In the meantime the loss to Exchequer could be enormous. Bamboo is a toy for Adivasi boys and girls in different ways. Children has a very strange and Novel way of making leaves as theelcopters.What they do is wet thrir index finger by means of Saliva or waterAnd press on the leaf Leaf gets stuck on the finger and if run forward the leaf would like an Helicopter propeller. In shot to put it in a nut shell inorder to make a profitable business involving Bamboo it would appear to retain the status of Tree in the forest as well as outside in sorrounding areas and villages than derecogizing it as trees. The Government might like to reconsider the present dicision while converting the Ordnance into an act by the Parliament. SreedharanMundanat 15th of February 2018 Thrikkakkara ,India .

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Chiravarambath Kavu Bhagavathy Temple.

kerala is popularly known as God'sown country.Spread over an area of 15005 Sq Miles ,there are approximately over 10,000 Hindu Temples in Kerala.A major portion of it is in Thrissu District. There are annual festivals in every Temple in Kerala.In Thrissur District ,I have heard a common saying from Kottappadi,{near]Guruvayur that "Aalukkal ninneduthal Palakkal vare".This implies that the first Pooram/Vela begins in Kottapadi Aalukkal Temple and ends with Kattakampal Pooram/Vela.Please dont ask me who is responsible and who made this saying.May be me, you,or any one else.What is meant by it is that the first Temple festival begins at Aalukkal Temple in Kottapadi and the last in the Kattakampal Temple in the month of Medam.There was another popular saying "Chendpurathu Kolu Vechidathellam Pokuka" means Visit every Temple where drumming Melams starts.Dont ask me again who is responsible for this saying.Mostly our dearest Mother. Let us come back to the Temples of Chiravarambathukavu Bhagavathy at Aruvayi. In Aruvayi ,Pazhanji,{near}Kunnamkulam therer is one Temple called Cheruvarambathu Kavu Bhagavathy Temple.The Temple festival this year falls on 26th and 27th of Februay 2018. THE SPECIALITY OF THIS TEMPLE AS COMPARED TO OTHER TEMPLES IS THAT THE NUMBER OF CAPRISONED ELEPHANTS IS MORE THAN 50 AND IT IS A SIGHT ONE SHOULD ENJOY AT LEAST ONCE IN A LIFE TIME!!! Like all other Temples in Kerala Cheruvarambathu kavu Temple also bears history and Legends. According to the Asthamangala vidhi of the Temple,the temple is as much old as 800 years.There are no autoritative writings or books about this Temple.However as heard from old generation approximately 15 Km from Aruvayi there is one place called AYINURKUNNU.This place was important for commerce and shops of Marchants.Most of the Merchants were Paradesi bhrahmins known as Iyers.When a Financial cricis occured to the business of the merchants in general most of the Iyers left business and returned home.One Bhramin Iyer out of the remaining iyer inAyinur Kunnu was a Devotee of Devi.He instead of returning home went to Guruvayur wearing an Olakkuda(An umbrella made of Cococonut tree leaves()The present location of the Cheruvarambathu Bhagavathy Temple was a forest place,On the both sides of Aruvayi field there were Two Chiras(Water resorce like a river but a called "Thoduu".)Our devotee Iyer was walking through the Varambu(A roadlike path to walk along)").Our Iyer thought of taking bath in the thodu and doing Sandhyavandanam(An evening ritual observed by Brahmins who wear Holy Thread) on the Varambu.Iyer sat on the Varambu ,kept his umbrella on the varambu and did the ritual.When he got up and was about to take the Umbbrella kept on the Varambu,he found that it was stuck on the Varambu and was unable to take out of there.Kepping the Umbrella there he went to Guruvayur.On return aso Iyer tried to take the umbrella but was unable to remove it from the varambu.Stunned with this experience,the iyer called all other iyers remaining in th area and performed a Deva Prasnam(A devotional method to decide the reason behind any unusual occurence ) ,The result of the Deva Prasnam indicated that the iyer was a true devotee of Devi and pleased with the iyer ,the Devi herself entered into the Umbrella .The Devaprasnam also indicated that the spot where the umbrella was kept had Devi Chaitanyam and so a Temple should be constructed at the place for the devi and the Devi installed there.Hence the Devi Temple was constructed at the place and Devi prathshta performed.Thereafter the Temple was called Cheravarambathu Bhagavathy Kshetram.Iyer after a few days entrusted the ownership of the temple to Four prominent Tharavadus(Family)&left for his native place..Out of this just one tharavadu remained there.They are called Payyazhi Tharavadu who are carrying out the management of the Temple today.Another Devaprasnam performed later on according to the resu of which a Naveekarana Kalasam(Renovation process) was performed and Devi Bhagavathy was reinstalled in the present Sreekovil on th Makayiram Star day of Meenam Month.Since then Devi bhagavathy is living comfortably in the new abode spreading Her Chaitanya all over the place to keep the people of the area peaceful and happy.Every year on the Makayiram day of Meenam monthprasadaoottu(Annadanam) is performed for which thousands of people gather here to enjoy the Prasada oottu. The other Upadevathas in this Temple to enhance the chaitanya of the Temple are Ganapathy,Dharmasastha,Shree Hanuman,Rakshas,,Karukulam Ayyappan&Karineeli.People visiting this Temple are pleased with main Diety and Upadevathas equally and the Devi And Upadevathas look after people eqally . As told earlier ,there is no other Temple in Kerala who use more than 50 Elephants to honour the Devi in the procession And Ezhunnallippu.Similarly in Melam also veteran specialists are invited to take part.Besides ,before the Pooram is commenced the ritual of Parayeduppu from 53 Desams are regularly performed to please the Devi. in a nut shell, the Para,Pooram,Melam,Vela and all remaining programs in a Temple is system,aticcally performed in Cheruvarambathu Kavu Kshetram. Ma God almighty help conducting the Pooram and Vela in future also ,if not better than the present system.Improvement and renovation always help to perform things more usefully not only in Temples but all fields of business as well.All the best wishes for the conduct of Pooram and safe fireworks in Cheruvarambathu Bhagavathy Temple. SreedharanMundanat , 24th of January,2018, Thrissur

Monday, January 22, 2018

Kattakampal Shivakshetram and Bhagavathy Kshetram

Kattakampal Kshetram is considered to be a Temple as old as 2000 years according to legends.It is said the Temple is one of the 108 Temples created by lORD pARASURAMA in Kerala. The speciality of this Temple is that in the Morning it is said to assume the role of Dakshinamoorthi who provides Education,at noon as Ferocious Ghoramurthy who provides ways and means for Sathrusamhara and in Evening as Ardhanareeswara who provides wealth Besides,in the gateway,DeviBhadrakali &DeviKanyakumari shining as a Santha mooorthy as well as Roudramoorthy sometimes are available. As said earlier ,jhis Temple is one of the 108 Temples created byLord Parasurama.It is stronly believed that Parasurama retrieved Kerala Bhumi from Sea and made it equal to heaven .One day Parasurama started from Mhahendra Mountains in South to North with a view to visiting His Punyabhumi created by Him.There was just dense forest towards north while He was walking because there was no rulers of Kerala those days.While travelling through the Dense Forest he saw Sasthavu was playing by hunting .Parasu Rama being an Avtar of Vishnu and devotee of Shiva when he reached Kattakampal he sat for meditation.He using his Parasu{an Axe) digged a Well for water and this well still exist here which is covered by rock for reasons unknown.As divine sage Himself He installed a Temple here for Him to worship Shiva. So goes the Legend how the Siva Temple existed in Kattakampal. It is also said the sage employed a Bhootha to tell prpeople about His intention to instal a Temple atKattakampal where he felt the presence of Shiva chaitanyam.The Bhootham assumed the role as a hunter and spread the news among the village people. People started coming to the Temple in groups and individually, Just like moonlight enhancing light day by day the chaitanyam and number of devotees increased.Those days were the period of ruling by Perumalkkanmar.One of the Local ruler lost his property and also felt lack of children in their family worrying him & inorder to get children he decided to pray the Kattakampal Thevar in the newly constructed Temple by Parasurama. One day Lord Shiva appeared in front of him and told all his prayers would be heard favorably if he goes to Kanya Kumari Temple and perform Bhajana there for a full Mandalam season.Lord Shiva also told that Devi Kanyakumari (Bhagavathy)would grant all his wishes. So according to the advice of Lord Shiva the Local ruler {King} departed to Kanyakumari for praying the Kanyakumari Devi(Bhagavathy)with meditation for 41 days(a mandalam period). In Kanyakumari Temple when the prayer for 41 days was in progress,after observing his devotion and his dedication to Devi,the Devi in her Soumya moorthy form appeared before the King to grant his wishes and told"Now I am pleased with your devotion.On the day of your ending Bhajan here come with a pot containing Pooja Flowers,Gold&Akshatham{Punyaha theertham} and I shall make my presence felt in the pot myself & you can return with the pot to the place where from you have come.Later on when you reach the place everthing would happen as pure as needed(Mangalam).Soit be" As the Devi appeared to be in the maximum Santha moorthy form (Soumya devatha}.The kind had doubt whether the Santhamoorthy Devi would be able to perform The Sathru samharam(Destroyal of Enemies).The Devi realising his innerthought appeared again as Roudra Moorthy as Bhadrakali to clear the doubts in the mind of the King. Satisfied with the two forms of Bhagavathy as Durga &Bhadrakali, When his Penance was over, the King came to the Devi Temple with a Pot containing what Devi had said.He performed all offerings required and with humlblest prayer allowed the Devi to enter the Pot(Avahikkal).Early Morning started his journey back to Kattakampal & entered the Shiva Temple at Kattakampal fron the Southern side of agrahara of the the Temple and Installed the Devi facing from Est to west with the permission of Lord Shiva. Thus the installation of Bhagavathy with dual form of Devi(Durga} and Bhadrakali was Completed on the south side of the Agrasala facing from East to west.Thus the Kattakampal Bhagavathy with the Blessings of Lord Shiva came into existence long ago.The Thanthri Karma for the installation of the Bhagavathy was performed by Thantrys from Thekkedam and Vadakkedam Namboodiri illams at Porkkulam by using Pieces of Daru Trees for making Shivalinga shaped Moola bimbam and rockmade Shilabimbam for archana were installed by them according to Vedic methods.By installing the Bhagavathy the sanctity of the Temple was enhanced as though it would later help eradicate darkness of the sufferings from the devotees.The Kanyakumari Devi always spread the divine qualities expected from a Goddess and still remains as a medium to help all devotees including poor and downtrodden who seek help from the Devi.In this context if one likes to recite the song "Kudajadriyil Kudi kollum Maheswari ,Gunadayini.............Aadi parashakthi neeye" The song written by Shri K.Jayakumar for malayalam movie "Neela Kadambu" which was never released, is eqally applicable to Kattakampal Bhagavathy also known as Jagathambika. PACHA NIVEDYAM: There was a command from Devi Jagathambika that a Mahanivedyam made of 1001 Nazhi rice (a measure in Temples)should be made for worship while the Prathishta was in progress .However before the Ada could be allowed to get boiled the Prathishta was over with the result that the ADA making process was not completed.Hence the Mahanivedyam had to be restricted to Pacha Ada(WetAda)Later on this became a regular feature of offering to the Jagathamba(Bhagavathy} of Kattakampal. In KaTTAKAMPAL tEMPLE tHE MAIN DIETY IS lORD sIVA ccreated by Parasurama.Lord Siva is almost lilke Lord Vadakkumnathan who observes the pooram without taking part Himself The Temple is one of the 108 Temples created by Lord Parasurama.First Lord Siva was Installed by Prasurama Later on Devi Kanyakumari was installed as Soumya moorthy of Jagadambika or Bhagavathy As mentioned earlier the Bhagavathy can assume the Roudra Bhavam of Bhadra Kali also,So there is Pooram and Thalappoli in big style here togetherr for Jagathambika. Nowadays,the great Pooram is followed by the Kali and Darikan encounter. Starting accompanied by Drums Melam from a place called Palakkal Parambu which is situated at north east side of Kattakampal Temple. The old Bhadrakali Temple was under a Pala tree .Kali after disappearing from Asoka Vanam reached under this Pala Tree, says the legend.In those days the place was a thick forest of Pala Trees.The Bhadrakali with an assumed name of" Asokaranya Rakshnini" was giving Darshan from West to East.The Pooram also used to be held there.However, in view of the Ferocious form of the Bhadrakali,people began to move away from the place.In times of Pooja rituals alone people used to go there. There was a person who used to take the role of Darikan similar to the role of Kathi in Katakali and others who had taken part in the Kali Darika encounter were supposed have undertaken Vritha for long time before taking part in the fight.This kind of rituals continued for long time unabated.However, it is said the person who did role of Darikanis no more now.During After Noon Pooja(Uchapooja on the day of Pooram The Devi Vigraham is to be kept in Nalambalam after due Ezhunnallippu is performed.It is believed that then the Devi in Ugra roopam is ready for the Darka vadham.Thereafter there is also a ritual performed for Lord Ganapathy before the actual encounter begins.The Kuruppanmar of the Temple (who have taken perfect vritha)would come in front of the RoudraDevi in a procession of caprisoned Elephants by disguising themselves as Kali and Darika.After exchange of Hot words between Kali and Darika,Kali tells Darika to get lost for a day and come back again next day.That night there wil not be any pooja other than the one after Aarattu. The next day Darikan who is supposed to have lost the war comes face to face with Kali and pleads for his life and not to kill him.Although Devi was pleased with Darika in view of remembering her destined role to kill Darika, Devi again assumes her Ugra roopam and shouts atDarika breaks apart his chest ,drink his blood and wears his "Kudal mala"in maximum anger mood and cuts his head away to finally Kill him.Then blessing the devotees returns to Kailasa ceremoniously. Then comes the ritual of Utram Pirannal.Thereafter the devi vigraha is taken to Sreelakam to unite with the Moolabimbam.Next day the ritual of 25 Kalasam is performed.THIS MARKS THE END OF THE POORAM FOR THE YEAR. In olden days the Pooram was being held in the western Nada.But the Komaram who was performing the role of Kali got extremely emotional and virtually killed the person who was performing the role of Darika.This incident resulted in changing the Pooram from West Nada to East Nada and is being held in East Nada every year. This is the Kattakampal Pooram in brief. {Courtsey:Shri Sankaran Nambidy of thekkootn Madham of Kattakampal who is fondly called by every one Guruvayurammaman as he was a devotee of Lord Vishnu of Guruvayur Temple & also to Kunnamkalath Radharishnan Nambidi who was kind enough to part with the vital information on the history of the Great Temple} Sreedharan mundanat , 23rd of January 2018 at Thrissur. oHM.NAMA:SIVAYA AMME nARAYANA,DEVI NARAYANA,BHADRE NARAYANA

Monday, January 15, 2018

Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple

The Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple is one of the most famous Templs in Kerala,Besides this is also one of the 108 most celebrated Vishnu Temples.This Temple is in the newly formed Pathanamthitta District of Kerala.An airport also planned here .But in relation to the existence and controversies arose out of it the Airport is stilln hanging in balance. This Great Temple ids dedicated to Parthasarathy a role of Mahavishnu as the Charioteer in the Mahabharath war according to legends.The temple is on the bank of Pampa river which is also famous in relation to Sabarimala Temple.The sacred jwels of Lord Sastha taken from Panthalam passes through the Parthsarathy Temple.Similarly Thanka Angiis also sated to be storedv here every year in the month of December which is known as Mandalam season beginning.Aranmula is also famous for Aranmula mirror,which serves as medium of gift offered to VIPs visiting the state of Kerala. Aranmula is even oterwise famous for Water Sports known as Aranmula Vallam kali which involves Snake boats or Palloyodams.Guruvayur,Ambalapuzha,Thrichambaram,Thiruvarppu,ShriPadmanabha swamy Temple ,Trivadrum,P)oornathreyasi Templer,ThripuniyhuraAnd Vamanamoorthy Temple at Thrikkakkara are the other famous Vishnu Temples in Kerala and neighbouring plces.Aranmula is a small village but has been recognized by the Discovery Channel.Pathasarathy Temples all over Kerala has a dual role toplay beingba Visnu T%emple aswell as a Pachapandave Templse known as those at THRICHTAT,THIRUPULIYOOR,THIRUVARNMULA,THIRUVANVANDUR &THRIKKODITHANAM.dedicated respectively to Yudhishtira,Bheema,Arjuna,Nakula and Sahadeva.It is also said that Arjuna built a Temple at Nilkkal near Sabarimala in order to get relieved from the Sin of Killing his own brother Karna who was in the enemy side but unarmed. ARANMULA GRAMAM is one of the 64 Bhramin Gammas in which Parthasarathy Temples exist.Aranmul is the biggest Grama Temple among all Grama Temples.There is one dedicated to Parthasarathy at Guruvayur which was forcibly taken over Kerala Government recently against strong agitations staged by people.They while doing so even forgot the basis for the Constitution of India which proclaims OF THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE..Alll those who forget this would appear to be sinners against the Constitution of India. The Aranmula Temple has Golden Flagstaffand has four towers over the four entrances on the outer wallsThe huge and beautiful Eastern tower is accessed through a flight of 18 steps.Descending 57 steps through northern tower,one can reach the Pampa river.Aranmula Temple is a perfect example of Kerala Temple Architecture and most similar tob the EttumanurMahadeva Temple.Parthasarathy is supposed to be owner of 39 villages in and around Aranmula.People living in these villages consider Parthsarathy as their protector.Very wise people indeed! There are many legends in association with Prthasarathy Temple at Aranmula.Some of them are associated with the famous Uthrttathi vallam Kali{Snake boat race}nd THIRUVONATHONI The idol of The idol of Lord Parthasarathy was brought to this place from Nilakkal in a raft made of six pieces of Bamboo.Several Chundanvallams{ snake boats}accompanies the procession through Pampa River.The idol was installed in the Temple on Uthrattathi day of Malayalam month Chingam{August-September}.Uthrattathi in Chingam is the birthday of Arjuna.Tocelebrate tese events people of Aranmula started the famous snakeboatrace called Utthrattathi Vallamkali. Festivals in the Aranmula Temple are vallamkali,Khandavana dahanam and Aarattu . The water carnival is during Onam festival.There is a tradition of sending an offering of rice and other material required for a feast from a nearby village on a water boat.The legendelating to the sending rice by boats relates to a story.It says a devotee once fed a hungry Pilgrim who directed the devotee to send food to Aranmula and disappeared.It is believed that the devotee was none other than Lord Visnu . Snake boats accompany the sacred boat.The snake boats are from Chennithala to Ranni in the east participate in the water sport called Vallamkali.These boats assemble at dawn and sail in pairs for about 2 hours.A snake boat is about 103 feet in length. Each boat has about 4 helmsmen 100 rowers and 25 singers.After the water sport there is anelaborate feast in the Aranmula Temple. Another festival celebrated in Aranmula Temple is known as Khandavanadahanam in the malayalam month of Dhanu.For this Festival a model of a forest is made in front of the Temple with dried out plants,leaves and twigs.Thus a Bonfire is lit as a representation of the original Khandavanam forest fire mentioned in Mahabharatha.The malayalam month of /Meenamwitnesses a festival where Aranmula Parthasarathy is takenin a grand procession on the Garudamount to the Pampa river bank. where the image of Bhagavathy from nearby Punnamthode Temple is brought in procession for the aarattu festival. The offerings in the Temple:The main offering in the Temple is Vallasadya.The village which is offered the commitment of sadya will conduct a boatb race in Pampa river and will have a feast in the TempleThe feast will have Hundreds of items also including sweets.The particular feature of this Sadya when originally performed was that it was not meant for Bhraminc and Nair community alone was supposed to take part in the feast But along with Time ,this condition would appear to have changed and all people are taking part in the feast. Incidentally , recentally as a challenge to this Feast in relation to the number of dishes involved a Sadya was conducted in a college in Irinjalakkuda by certain cultural and educational organization in plantain leaf as in Aranmula.This ,however,did not become a controversian issue for which all should be grateful to Aranmula lord Parthasarathy. In fact nowadays th Aranmula Valla sadya is virtually a ritual feast.This is so because it lasts sixty days and contain morethan sixty exclusive and Exquisite dishes to relish.This is a unique mass feast with strong devotional basis offered to the crew of Palliyodams which devotees consider as a divine vessel of Lord Krishna.This sadya is dedicated to any of the Snake boat{Palliyodam} taking part in the sadya on the day of valla sadyaThe oarsmen (the crew} will come to the Temple through the riverin the boatThey come to thev Nadapandal of the presiding Diety Parthasarathy to offer Nirapara.They perform the Pradakshina of the Temple by singing and chanting Krishbhajans known generally as Vanchipattu.This is highly rhythmic in praise of Lord Krishna. Ont he Ashtami Rohini day the birthday of Lord Krishna also the divine sadya is offered to more than one lakh of devotees from all part of the nations.This also serves the purpose of Annadanams and Oottu in other Temples of Kerala. No doubt to raise water in mouth the main sweet dishes, besides all other vegiterian Dishe, are Adapradhaman, Aravana payasam,Aval mixed with jaggery,Ellunda,Kadalipazham payasam,,Kalkkandam,Parippu pradhaman,Pazhapradhaman,Palpayasam(the most favourite dish of Lord Krishna in Guruvayur and Ambala puzha),Unniyappam are generally served in Plaintain leaves with utmost devotion.In order to complete the taste of the sadya and with a view to filling watwer in mouth the other dishes served in Aranmula sadya areBanana Chips,Sarkkara upperi,Chammanthi,curd,friebanana,curry,Ginger curry,Ghee,Kalan,olan,erisseri(Elisseri)Pulisseri,Pachamoru,Pulisseri kari,Rasan,Sambar,Red cheera Thoran,Thakarathoran,Holy water from Pampa,Chukkuvellam,fried pappadam and many more addedattrractions of modern cookery are served here to relish and get themselves satisfied .Now let us all take rest after a magnificent feast which one would get rarely an opportunity to enjoy such divine taste of feast before announcing that the AArattu of Aranmula Temple falls on 18th January 2018 (Thursday next)! OHM!NAMO NARAYANAYA! Sreedharan Mundanat, 16th of January2018 at Thrissur

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Kakkad Mahaganapathy Temple ,Kunnamkulam

Eka dantham Mahakaayam Thapthakanchana Sannibham Lambodaram Visalaksham Vandeham GanaNayakam If someone asks me which is the most worshipped Hindu God I would say Lord Ganapathy. In every Hindu Temple Ganapathy is a Upadevatha.Acording to hindu customs Ganapathy Homam is a must before one indulges into any new venture or before housewarming Ceremony .For everything good to come one has to remember Lord Ganesha first as the Lord is known as Vigheswara whose power is to remove obstacle in your path. More significantly ,which is not known to many people being a new discovery in USA THAT PULLING EAR LOBES INCREASES ABILITY OF BRAIN TO REMEMBER MORE.The punishment children gets from teachers is therefore very signficant today. Why I mention this here is due to the custom of Hindus to perform Thppikkaranam {Ethamidal}in front of Lord Ganapathy helps to enhance Brain power. There are enormous numbers of Ganapathy Kshetrams in India.The most visited Temple in India for Lord Ganesha is Siddhhi Vinayaka Temple at Worli{Prabhavathy} in Mumbai In Thrissur also there a very famous Temple of Ganapathy Temple at Kakkad in Kunnamkulam, This great Temple is historically significant.ThisKshetra has the diety Mahaganapathy besides Lord Siv in the form of Vettkku oru Haran.The speciality here for Lord Ganapathy is that the trunk of the Lord is like the trunk of SiddhhiVinayaka in Mumbai.It is also significant that the Flaghoising called Dhwajaprathishta was performed in the year 2002.In the year 2003 the subdieties{Upadevathas}like Navagraha ,Durga,Nagas and Dampathy rakshak and Bhadrakali were installed.Here Friday oottu{Annadanam}ceremony is also performed on first Friday ofv every month after offering Naivedyam to the m,ain diety.The Auspecious occasion of Vinayaka Chathurthy is celebrted in the month of Chingam. On the first saturday of January every year the most attractive and expert performance of breaking 12008 coconuts in relation to Vettekkaran pattu as an offering to Lord siva is also held here.Why I said expertedness is because 12008 coconuts are broken in 3hours and 30 minutes approximately.This performance is worth showing to children.Besides the 8 days Utsavam is also held on the Thiruvathira star day of the Malayalam month of Meenam.The Utsavam also involves programs of artistic talents like Chakyar Koothu,Ottam Thullal,Dance,Bhajan etc .The Aarattu is held on the final day as in th case of any Temple in Kerala. THESE PERFORMANCES MENTIONED ABOVE INVOLVES LARGE AMOUNT OF MONEY . SO ALL DEVOTEES VISITING THE TEMPLE SHOULD GRACEFULLY CONTRIBUTE TOWARDS THIS NOBLE CAUSE OF MAINTAINING A GREAT TEMPLE OF KUNNAMKULAM Sreedharan Mundanat 14 th of January 2018 at Thrissur,Kerala.