Thursday, April 19, 2018

The History of YOGA-A study from Net

The Yoga how developed in India and Hadha yoga has become popular in India and abroad very early was after a religionconferrnce at Chicago which was a personal achievement ofvSwami Vivekananda.However,a brief History of Yoga is brought out in this Blog in the following paragraphs. .
Yoga history has many places of obscureness andvuncertainty due to it's oral transmission of sacred texts and th secretive nature of it's teachings.The earliest writings on Yoga were transcribed on Fragile palm leaves. These were subjected to easier Destroyal. The development of Yoga can be traced tonas back as 5000 years and never very recent.Researchers even think itb Could be 10000 years. Yoga's long and rich History can be devided and summarized into periods of Innovation,Practice and Development. According to researchers Yoga can be traced to have developed by Indus Saraswathy Civilisation in Northern India Over 5000 years ago.The Word YOGA wascfirstbmentioned in oldest text of Rig Veda.The Vedas were collection of Texts containing songs,Mantras and Rituals to be used by Brahmins the Vedic priests. The Yogi's who practise Yoga often described Yoga is a way to attain peace of mind and a journey towards Nirvana or Moksha.As far as Rishis are concerned this is true.But it is applicable only to those gave away worldly relationships and think only about armttaining Moksha. However,there is no harm even if children,youngsters and women practise yoga from health point of view. The beginning of Yoga is understood to have started and devoloped in India byIndus Saraswathy Civilisation in northern part of India over 5000 years ago. The word YOGA was first mentioned in the Oldest sacred texts,the Rigveda.The Vedas We're collection of texts containing Songs,Mantras and Rituals to be used by Brahmins who were Vedic priests.Yogas we're slowly refined and developed by Brahmins and Rishi who documented their Practice and briefs in the Upanishads,a huge work containing 200 scriptures.The most renowned of the Yoga scriptures is Bhagavath Gita composed around 500 BC The Upanishads look the idea of ritual sacrifice of the ego through self knowledge to achieve Karmayoga and Yoga wisdom known as Jannayoga. Classical yoga ***************** In the preclassical stage,Yoga was mishmash of various ideas,beliefs,and techniques that often conflicted and contradicted each other. The classical period is defined by Patanjali Yoga Sutras,the first systematic presentation of Yoga.Written sometimes in the second Century,the Text prescribes the path of Rajayoga Patanjali organized the practise of Yoga into an eight imbed path containing the steps and stages towards obtaining Samadhi or Enlightenment.Patanjali is often considered as the father of Yoga and his Yoga sutras still strongly influence most of styles of Modern Yoga. Post classical Yoga ********************* A few centuries after Patanjali YogacMasters created a system of Practises designed to rejuvenate the body and rolong life.They rejected the leading theories of Ancient Vedas and embraced the Physical body as the means to achieve enlightment.They developed the Tantra Yoga with radical techniques to cleanse the body and mind to break the knots that bind us to our Physical existence.This exploration of these Physical-Spiritual connection and body centered practices lead to the creation of what we primarily think of Yoga in the west Hathayoga. MODERN PERIOD:. ************** INn the last 1800 and early 1900 Yoga Masters began the travel to the wise attracting attendees and followers. This began in 1893Parliament of Religions in Chicagowhen Swamy Vivekanandavowed to the attendeeswithchis lectures on Yoga and the Universality of the World Religions.In the 1920sand 30s Hatayoga was strongly promoted in India with the work of The.Krishnamacharya and other Yogis practicing Hatayoga .Krishnamacharya opened the first Hatayoga school in Mysore in 1924 and 1936. Sivananda founded the Divine Life Society on the banks of the Holy GangesRiver. Krishnamacharya produced three students who continued his legacy and increased popularity of Hatayoga. BKS Iyengar,TKV DESIKACHAR,Pattabhi Jois Sivananda was a prolific author writing over 200 books on Yoga and established nine Ashrams and numerous Yoga Centres located around the World. The importation of theYogato the west still continued as a trickle until Indradevi opened her Yoga studio in Hollywood in 1947.Since then many more western and Indian teachers had become pioneers popularising Hatayoga and gaining millions of followers. Hatayoga now has many different schools or styles all emphasising the many different aspects of the Practice. The yoga if done systematically with different Aasanas and most particularly with PRANAYAMA invariably along with Yoga can even achieve Ashtaiswaryas who is the maximum of SIddhis one yogi can achieve including floating in air. But at the same time it is still unknown whether any Yogi has achieved Ashtaiswaryas. For achieving Ashtaiswaryas one will have to be a real believer and most faithful to the Principle "LOKO SASTHA SUKHINO BHAVANTHU" and practising it in full faith and sincerity without any other thought of diverting attention at any point of time. All other propaganda that Yoga can do wonders like preventing climate change and curing illness relating to Love Sex etc are illusions as Love and sex have never been considered or branded as diseases. To conclude Yogasiddhi are not easy to achieve.It needs maximum concentration, high power to hold breathing,and perfect control over mind without allowing to divert towards worldly thoughts and power to join God and Godliness. Presently ,world has advanced with the help of scientific methods to achieve many unparallel knowledge to the extent of manufacturing advanced missiles like those mentioned in Vedas as Bhrahmastras.But as these are used for destroy all they do not come under the definition of "Loko Samantha Sukhino Bhavanthu" and so can not be termed as achievements literally. Those who ever achieved Yogasiddhis had never used them for fulfilling self goals or for destroyal .By planning to achieve material benefits for living more happily if one get himself engaged in Yoga to get Sindhis such siddhi scan never be achieved. Ashtaiswaryas are not " Aiswryas" in the sense of material achievements and Yogas are not a way or step to follow for achieving anything. However ,if performed properly and regularly together with Pranayamas devotedly and faithfully,Yogas can do wanderers to the performer SreedharanMundanat 19th April 2018 at Thrissur, Kerala,INDIA.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Sandwiches-Vegeterian and Nonvegetarian

Sandwiches as it's name suggests is something squeezed between two substances.Here what we are going to discuss is a good item using 2 slices of bread or bun squeezing in between some vegetarian or nonvegetarian eatable mix is squeezed to make it ready to eat.The quickness to make and easier to eat even while working are the factors made it so popular all over the world. In India this fast-food item was introduced by the original colonial rulers from Britain(UK)& the Portuguese outfits. In fact the name Sandwich belongs to as early as in 1780-92 and can be dedicated to John Montagu in Kent,UK who first preferred to eat it in its original form which was not much different from the present form. In India ,the most popular form is the then Bombay version(now Mumbai Sarkee) has presumably come from South American origin potato first cultivated by the Portuguese along the Indian West coast and introduced by the British to Kolkatta(the then Calcutta) in the 18th Century as the root Corp by name alu.The Portuguese called it batata.They are also credited with introducing "pao"or what we call bun into India.Sliced and packaged bread has a more recent history of 1928.This version was called "double roti"by Hindi/urduspeaking people presumably due to using of two slices of the bread to squeeze the potato and other components in between.Later on this was also called fondly in Mumbai as "Vada Pav"This is so popular in Mumbai now that it is being served in the 5 star hotels prepared neatly in their kitchen.The popularity for Vada Pav is because it is so tasty to eat and help to escape from hunger easily.Not hard to make and no much time required have made it in every household of Mumbai.There is even a saying in Mumbai that there is no food without potato and Onion.This could be the reason these two items are available in any Mumbai market .The popularity and demand also made it a dear stuff in market the price of which in seasons increases astronomically.The Onion especially the bigger size is a commodity that bring water in to the eyes of Housewives and also theGovernment almost every year sometimes or other. The Britishers used sandwich a fast food so that they could use as food even while gambling in casinos without allotting any extra time to eat.It used to go along with gambling.This had double benefit also,It can save time and the other it can give more energy to gamble.This was very much suiting them who had plenty of money and no much other works to do. In America Sandwich helped people working in different places to have food fast without disturbing their workload to find target.Later on it had become a habit with IT employees for the same reason that they could cope up with their targeted works without need to find extra time for food and also served as an energy source to apply during work.Thus the popularity of Sandwich grew so rapidly that the Executives like CEO enjoyed Sandwich while they were very busy with their work. In India again as the popularity increased different varieties were also began to come into existence proving the proverb that necessity is the mother of invention. The various varieties arrived for use in households and working places were in brief are Pav bhaji,delicious and greasy bread OMlette,Tomato Omlette and many more like Musk's Sandwich{Buttersandwich} Omlettes are often a cheap way to add protein in the diet.Made out of neatly and artistically chopped Onions,coriander leaves,green chillies together with little bit of turmeric and salt is a special variety of sandwich squeezed between 2 pieces of bread.The taste and pleasure of eating is enhanced when Tomato ketchup is also used. As far as non vegetarian sandwiches are concerned ,other than Egg sandwich there are many varieties like Chicken Sandwich,Mutton Sandwich and many more.All are like the easily made categories.Accordingvto choices various supporting chutney can be found besides enormous number of Sauses. In Vegetarian ,however,there is a special chutney to go with which is very tasty. The chutney Sandwich in fact is a discovery by clever Housewives to make the kids to eat before they start for school.The taste and convenience to eat made children also favourites of Chutney was also an easy way to get children accustomed to vegetables from their habit of going after chocolates and fried stuff like Lays etc. The ingredients and the preparation of Chutney is briefly as under: Plenty of coriander leaves and Mint leaves are mixed and grinded .To have a thickening base blending of slices of bread with coriander leaves ,Spinach,green chillies and lemon juice to get a thick sause.These are suggestions.But one can take into consideration the taste of their children to change the process.Boiled chickpeas can also be tried. Children are generally fond of various kinds of Sauses in the market with different flavours.These also can be used for eating sandwiches .Spreading the coriander mint chutney ,however adds to the taste of the is enough if you spread chutny on one side of each bread slice used to make Sandwich. Sandwich is a great Dish for any occasion.Nowadays changes are rapidly taking place in all matters including eating .New norms are found even in the method of worshipping God with latest trend of trained Poojaris. So why don't you try a new system of introducing Sandwich on a VISHU day at least for evening snack if not during full meals feast.According to Hindus if you eat a tasty Sandwich on a VISHU day God Almighty would help you to have good meals everyday of the year.
Wish everyone a very Happy,prosperous and HealthyVISHU 2018 SreedharanMundanat 14th of April 2018

Monday, April 9, 2018

The curse of thea Lift-A short story

In a small City of India,one of the best medical colges with Hospital is functioning with high rankings and honours together with total faith from Public.The Doctors in the Hospital were highly experienced in alldepartments.They were immensely in close harmony with the patients and extremely devoted to their job .As a resultof this attitude towards their profession ,the patients were largely benefitted .The Doctors and staff showed Genuine sympathy and love to the patients. The general public were aware of this reputation of the Doctors and staff and were very happy to give recommendations to their friends and relations.So along with reputation the number of patients who took treatment in the hospital also increased manyfold. Unfortunately enough the election to the State Assembly was due and announced by the Election commission of India.As a mandatory provision of the constitution every citizen was to maintain discipline and decurrum during the election time.All of a sudden the dates of election was also announced by the election commission.The day of Election arrived and surprisingly there was high percentage of polling in every constituencies.This was claimed as a favouring feature for the then opposition while the ruling party also claimed it was helpful to them.some of the opposition members were of the opinion that there was no need for any speculation as the result was to be announced in two days time And finally arrived the day of counting.All irrespective of ruling party or opposition parties were glued to the Television sets with their breathing fluctuating from time to time as the progress was neck to neck giving hopes and soon after disturbingthoughts.However everyone waited with hopes upon hopes And finally the moments of overwhelming joy prevailed the opposition with an absolute majority over 20 seats ahead of the ruling party. The Chief Minister tenderedhisresignation to the Governor who accepted it. Thereafter it was all matters of formality to form a Government with the opposition leader as CM and many trusted and experienced as Ministers among which many youngsters also found place.Thus a stable Government assumed charge with the promise of a Government without an element of corruption . Days passed by happily and without any controversial happenings. The Government functioned nicely for some time .People gradually Started liking the methods of the welfare measures implemented However the first instance of personal favour happened in He Department of Health where a few people were appointed according to the wish of the minister for health.A few lift operators were appointed in Hospitals under the control of Ministry of Health. The popular hospital mentioned above was one of them. As the fate Is to be the Generator operator for lift cum lift operator had to go on urgent leave due to the illness of his wife. He temporarily entrusted the work relating to lift to his newly appointed lift cum generator operator with instructions and left the station. The same day happened to a fateful day for the children of Doctors and staff of the Hospital. The school going children who were returning home entere a lift.There were 10 children and 6 parents in the lift climbing to the 4th floor when the power went off and the lift stopped .The generator was to be operated soon after the lift stopped.The new operator who was not experienced enough tried to operate the Generator but was not successful to start it.As a result the children and parents in the lift began suffocating.The power also did not come back .this deteriorated the situation.Everyone in the lift started crying in panic. Their crying and shouting fell in deaf ears as there were no one in the area as all were busy elsewhere. The situation became serious as children began to feel unconsciousness.However there was no sign of the Generator beginning to work. Help was sought for from outside and a few experts arrived and began to repair the Generator.after around half hour the lift started to climb to the fourth floor,When it arrived and stopped people outside opened the door of the lift to find all the occupants were lying down in the lift unconscious. They were immediately taken to the hospital and admitted for treatment.4 children ,However could not be resqued inspite of treatment and the day turned into a tragic day.The four children were of the Doctors working in the Hospital. The agony of the Doctors and Staff was beyond explanation. The Government ordered an enquiry into the incident.The Chief Minister announced the resignation of his Government and recommended early election instead of yet another Ministry.As there was just about three months left for the election in normal course ,the Governor accepted the recommendation of The Chief Minister and repotted to the central Government. Thus a hospital which was functioning so well with high reputation,had to accept their failure for the first time in it's history .All due a wrong course of action to appoint new operators without looking into their qualification and experience to serve in the post. (This is not a true story just out of imagination.but the lift stopping to power failure is a usual incident when people used to become panic.) SreedharanMundanat 9th of April 2018 Thrissur

Friday, April 6, 2018

Nationalisation of Public Sector Banks

Indira Gandhi the great former Prime minister of India initiated and put effect toNalizatiomn of Banks in 1969.This was much against the will of those who believed in money accumulated privatelily instead of publicly.Morarji Deasai who was a cabinet rank Minister in the Indira Government opposed Nationalisation very strongly.He was even offered the post of Dy Prime Minister which he refused because he was so adamant about rescuing people who were interested in managing the entire wealth of India privately.Finally he resigned.India thus lost an able Minister. But later on certain unexpected circumstances were becoming cause for herassassination. Thereafter her son Rajiv Gandhi assumed charge of Prime Minister. The policy of Indira Gandhi to Nationalize leading banks of India resulted in the extraordinary growth of Banking system in India.Indian economy started growing rapidly with many reforms helping to achieve India Stability as compared to fast growing nations of the world.Rajiv Gandhi alongWith Sam patroda computer expert in the Information Technology Branch helped India grow further besides financially in the field of Computer Technology also.Many people those days opposed Computer also saying the Computer would result in the loss of work for the labourers and Working class of India.But later on this was proved an illusion. Rajiv Gandhi also played a big role in making India Digital gradually but surely.However, Rajiv Gandhi was not lucky enough to survive to see India becoming totally digital reducing cash transactions and encouraging thereby digital transactions. He was also assassinated later on. By this time all Nationalized banks were known as Government Banks.As a result of Nationisation the Natiolised Banks began to open their branches even in remote villages Thus the noumber of Public sector Banks increased more than before.SBI was the biggest among them since the NationalisationWhen the services of Banks Spread to villages also.When this services of Banks spread all over India it helped not only to promote the financial stability of the Nation but simultaneously helped to fo Find more opportunities for employment of people, This had helped the Agriculture sector of India also which was always considered to be the surviving nerve of the nation.The Banks began to give loans to those who were interested in Agriculture.Many people got loans.But all did not use them for Agriculture alone and used the money for other purposes also as there were no effective checkto check tyeir utilisation except certificates from officers and the words from the the people who did farmings of different sorts.In fact Banks had no continuous efforts to verify the right way of use of the money they paid as loans. However, the loans helped developments within the Nation to a very large extent to which Banks played a major part by making money available liberally.The faith people had in Public sector Banks increased many folds. Thus the deposits people made in Banks also increased . They n played a big role in making the Nation financially stable.People also began to view Nationalised Banks more dependable than Private Banks.But still the private banks also were given permission to function liberally.This also added to the stability of the Nation in terms of Finance,.India was really shining to get placed among developing Nation.The world began to recognising India as a Nation of worthy of being considered as ranking Nations in the field Of development. When the regime of Narasimha Rao as prime minister began,he selected Manmohan Singh a highly qualified person to become his Finance Minister.This helped in building a strong India literally because the PM& FM together began purchasing US Dollars from open market on a regular basis.This resulted in an India building up a very strong Nation with her Foreign Exchange Reserve.In fact it was this Foreign Exchange Reserve that enabled India to stand on her own legs keeping head high even whenthe Global Financial crisis wrecked every part of the World.All other claims in this regard are just illusions. However ,nowadays a trend is in the offing so as to jeopodise the benefits of loans did to India.This is because of the fact the loans paid to different parties including big corporates were not repaid on time.So the Government had to write off a major part of loans afforded to different category of people.The Banks and the Government had causes of difference for the lapse to recover the loans.The present situation is somewhat alarming. Nowadays Banks are facing challenges which were not so strong before.They are unable to find ways and means to meet the challenges effectively.The Merging of Banks or Privatisation of Banks as in the case of other Public sector undertakings is never a effective remedy to overcome the resistance caused by the lapse of recovering loans on time on a systematic way.Even employing people to recover loans given to Public did not meet with sure results. In the circumstances ,what is required is or to be précis the need of the time is to impart with loans carefully by imposing condition for their repaying systematically and on time.For this new measures will have to be found.One of them is to give more powers to banks to use their discretion how to part with money as loan and how to recover them totally on time and with true effect on those who availed off the loan. More and more Privatisation to find way to get more investment from outside and thinking of strengthening the economy of the Nation is just an illusion and not practical had been proved time and again.So India will have to find more dependable methods including changes wherever necessary. At the moment the best remedy seems to be be reducing the distance between Public Sector Banks and Private Banks.For this feeling among them to the effect that we are all Woking for building up a self sufficient Nation should be spread with a view to ensuring thatpublic money is rightly and properly used by all including General Public. SreedharanMundanat 6 th April 2018

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Pokkali Rice farming plus Prawn and Duck farming

In continuation of blog on Pokkali ricefarming dt 15th April 2014 bearing no and!duck-to-sale-on-the-day-before - Easter-1.2706143 It is necessary to mention that while the Prawn farming was helpful for the better cultivation of Pokkali rice if done periodically in a equal duration of farming.In other words,the Prawn farming should be carried out between Mid November to April of an year and Pokkali rice farming from April to November.By doing this systematically observing The period of cultification strictly the advantage was that the prawn decay would become a manure for Pokkali rice farming and the decay of Pokkali rice farming would help prawn farming advantageously. Thus this process was proved to be doing wonders for both the farming in terms of yield and commercial value. But as the Prawn farming happened to be more profitable the period of prawn farming is stated to have increased .This resulted in poor performance in Pokkali rice farming.Prawn farming was more profitable. The major disadvantage for Pokkali rice farming was non availability of laborers .it is also stated that the Metro railwork in Ernakulam further deteriorated the situation as workers preferred Metro work to Pokkali work as the wages were more attractive in the Metro system. Earlier many years ago Kerala had 20000 hectares of Pokkali rice fields which reduced to just 1000 hectares today. The reason unscrupulous method of raising the paddy fields to land to build villas and flats all overvKerala. Now the Pokkali rice farming is restricted to Alapuzha,Thrissur and Ernakulam alone & that too on a small scale. Over above all these damages occurred to Kerala recently the Agriculture/Animal husbandry departments have suggested duck farming also so as to arrange ducks availablevforvEaster celebrations. But This additional third method is likely to destroy the Pokkali Rice farming.while the Pokkali rice farming and Prawn farming in equal intervals had helped both the attempts in accumulating more rice and in relation to commercial vallue.The third method suggested now would not only affect the fixed process existing but would jeopardize the farming of both prawn and rice totally.urgent interference by authorities would appear to be necessary to to promote the original two farmings.The idea of getting more profit would appear to be an illusion which is absolutely difficult to manage profitably. Sreedharan Mundanat 3rd April 2018

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Internet,Data and App

There was a time when people believed that the world depend upon love and cooperation to achieve anything in life. Poets and movie makers afforded exta ordinary importance for love and even proved beyond doubt that love is above all in life.They even directly and indirectly conveyed a message that in the successful life of a man there was always a lady behind it..In many cases this assumption was proved true also. Gradually,time and trends changed rapidly according to the growth of computer and Internet.There used to be debates in regard to Net Neutrality to establish freedom should be allowed to afford Internet benefit to everyone impartially. Now it has come to a stage that we can not survive without Digital services and use of Data and people get up by chanting Data and App instead of earlier practise of chanting the names of God as per religion they believed.There is a trend nowadays to even decidewhich is the bettervreligion andfight on this basis .This trend was not there earlier in India when all religions existed in total harmony.That is when people believed Love and cooperation were everything in life. Similarly ,nowadays we can not survive without attending to Data and App.of course these phenomenon has made life easier and createdc medium in which one can achieve money and fame more easily. Along with this there is another trend of comparing everything to the Vedas ,Upanishads and Puranas claiming that everything existing today existed in Indian religion of Hinduism.Even if one is inclined to agree to this ,no one is ready to believe that every religion we believe are equally entitled to believe as Hindus do. Why this discrimination?This is because we maintain intolerance among religions.Instead if we believe in the welfare of of everyone as a common entitlement this discrimination would automatically fade away. Coming back to Data and App there are many Internet providers whob are ready to give Data liberally to the extent of 1GB data free per day bbesides Internet usage and facility to call and chat according to one's convenience. The Smart phones are the most essential commodity today to live happily and more comfortably.In spite of this being so the same Data and App have the effect of conquering every part of life leading to mishappenings such as accidents and missing Time even to eat. Students especially when get involved with Internet games ,movies and music totally forget their studies and are tempted to choose unacceptable ways and means to settle by obtaining high marks in Examinations through easybways. This is how the question paper leakage etc happening jeopardizing the normal ways of life. The examples for damages to life are many.For one example deaths due to attempting Selfies. As regards claiming everything in relation to Vedas and Upnishads does not seem to have fully justified. Tomorrow one would be tempted to claim that that the sun and Moon are liberally mentioned in Vedas and Upanishads besides other planets and so the creditand ownership of sun & for solar energy development and their success should considered as Indian Origin. The present trends prevailing in India reminds me the story of a monkey who interfered and meddled with the work offurniture manufacturers near a forest. The workers were splitting a tree into suitable pieces using a handsaw.In order not to meet the two pieces of wood the had kept a piece of wood in between .This is generally known as app.The monkey without knowing this sat in between the woods and removed the the impact of the two big wooden pieces joining the Monkey got killed. I am not trying to establish that Sappy would kill people.What I was suggesting that careless use of Data and App may lead to loss and damages to money and health. So while choosing Data and Aap one should be very alert and manage tholings under supervision if necesary Sreedharan Mundanat, 1st of April 2018.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Ants-Afriendly neighbour and guide for Humanity.

The Ants are a special creation of God. There are many varieties of Ants.The most aggressive and dangerous are the red Ants commonly found everybehere.Generally,ants are friendly neighbours of humanity. Black Ants ,also known as Carpenter Ants are less aggressive and most defensive nature.They also bite when hurt.The pain and consequent inconvenience might last many hours. Carpenter Ants prefer to establish their colonies in galleries excavated from damp or damaged wood.Tgey cut galleries into wood grains to form their nests and provide passage ways for movements from section to section of their nests.This activity produces wood shavings missed with dead ants which provides clues to nesting locations.carpenter ants clean their nesting sites and their galleries are not lined with mid or moist soil.Thevworkers ants keep their galleries as clean as sandpapered In usual and natural environments theyvdwell both dead and living trees,stumps and rotting logs.However sometimes they build nests in Human houses and buildings also where wood is found especially where wood is extremely exposed to severe moisture.This is an indication how much intelligent these tiny insects.The carpenter Ant build two types of Nests.They are known as Parent colonies nests and Satellite colonies Nests.The later is a dependent colony of Parent colony. The Parent colony has a Queen ,her incumbents and workers.There may be several satellite colonies in an area.The satellite colonies consists of older Larvae and pupae.Workerscreate different satellite colonies when there is a lack of space or of foodd and water in a parent colony.This indicates how clever and hard-working they are.Besides their Unity and willingness to work as one Unit is to be highly appreciated.This is how there are several Satellite colonies under a Parent colony.This also show shows how much systematic and organized the Ants are.The ants also does not eat wood as termites do.Instead removevwood and deposit debris in small piles outside their nests.Thus the life span of Ands are spent in building nests finding food and moving from place to place and serving fellow ants helping each other.They also look for food from the left over of human beings especially sweets and meats.They also feed on smaller insects.Thus they would appear to be friendly neighbours of people. The main function of Queenis to lay eggs. In the first year a Queen lays 9 to 16 eggs.The life Span of Queen is about 25 years.The eggs complete their life cycle In about 6 to 12 weeks.Thus the Life of Ants is so Amazing that the human beings have several lessons to learn from them. The First lesson to learn from Ants is the Hard-working nature.Theyvdo their work Systematically and move on happily. If one observes the long line of Ants it could be seen that the outgoing ants allow incoming ants way and Space to move along as though the passengers of a crowded subarban train in Mumbai allow passengers to alight first before boarding a train.Perhaps the Mumbai passengers learnt this lesson from the ants!!!. There is no fight or difference of opinion among Ants. Even among Human beings who are supposed to the best of creations there are reasons for Fight,Hatred,Jealousy,intollerence whereas among Ants there are no room for such behaviour and instead are very peaceful ,orderly and happy. People have tendency to devide among themselves based on religion and Caste whereas there is no such tendency among Ants as they do not have so many different religion.Although there are so many different varieties of Ants They do not allow to recognize as such to lead to fighting among themselves. So people should learn from Ants to live peacefully and in total harmony. The message Ants provide to humanity is that if stand as one in Unity and live for each other no power in the world can harm them and continue to strive in perfection This Blog is dedicated to Ants for thier Unity and hard work as one Unit. Sreedharan Mundanat 12th of February2018.